Golodets announced the transition to electronic work book

Golodets announced the transition to electronic work book She added that the transition from the current paper version to electronic is smooth. Moscow. April 20. INTERFAX.RU — the Social block of the government is preparing a translation of Russians working on the electronic employment record, and relevant proposals will be formulated this year, said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets reporters on Thursday. “The transition to electronic format (discussed — if) for its electronic version. There is time, I think that this year we will give such suggestions and give them the opportunity, while the option to “walk” two documents”, — said Deputy Prime Minister. She noticed that we are talking about a smooth transition because not all countries are ready to move to an electronic version of the work books. “It will be a very smooth transition, as well as we introduced a system of remote work today is recorded

The Duma has obliged the railroad to help wheelchair users

The Duma has obliged the railroad to help wheelchair users Moscow. April 20. INTERFAX.RU — the state Duma adopted in the third final reading the law, securing the carrier and the owner of the railway infrastructure duties to ensure embarkation and disembarkation of people with disabilities without additional charge. “Now at any train station staff will be required to provide assistance to people with disabilities and in a wheelchair,” said Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on health Leonid Ogul. According to the law, passengers shall be arranged by the carrier Currently, the responsibility for the entry and exit for rail passengers with disabilities rests solely on the owner of the infrastructure. However, commuter rail service on the vast majority of stops have no staff and any representatives of the owner of the infrastructure. “The distance between the floor of the vestibule of the car and passenger platform specified in

Russia gave the OPCW evidence staged himataki in Idlib

Photo: RIA Novosti Russia’s permanent representative to the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) Alexander Shulgin said that Russian officials gave the organization the proof that the chemical attack in Idlib wore staged. Shulgin said on Wednesday in the Hague hosted a meeting of the Executive Council of the OPCW. During the meeting the opportunity to comment was provided to the Director of the Department for nonproliferation and arms control, the Russian foreign Ministry Mikhail Ulyanov, reports TASS. “Upon learning that the Russian representative is planning to accompany his speech with demonstration photos, Western partners tried to prevent it. Ultimately, however, Ulyanov was allowed to show photos from the scene of the incident,” said Shulgin. The diplomat noted that the demonstration of these pictures from the event on April 4 was necessary in light of the videos showing unauthentic situation. According to Shulgin, shown in the photos and

Ryabkov: the US proposals on Syria does not feel radically innovative elements

Photo: RIA Novosti Radically innovative elements in the proposals of the USA in Syria, no. This was stated in interview to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov. “Proposal of the American side on the Syrian Affairs largely represent a continuation of the line, held them before, – said Ryabkov. – There are a number of new elements, but something radically innovative, the unusual fact that the previously mentioned American colleagues on this topic, we don’t feel”. “We persistently work in favor of the fact that the Syrian problem was solved politically, in a broad sense, – said the Deputy Minister. – There are tools: the Astana process, the Geneva process. The political track to remove the problem that arose after the incident in Khan Sheyhun, is the only possible one”. According to him, need to send in Khan Shaykhun and the

The FBI will limit your contact with journalists

The FBI will limit your contact with journalists So the Bureau hopes to avoid new leaks of confidential information. Moscow. April 21. INTERFAX.RU — the FBI is reviewing its policy in relation to media, limiting contact between his officers and journalists, said on Thursday CNN TV channel with reference to representatives of the Bureau. A new policy regarding media was presented this week at a conference in Washington, which was attended by special agents of the Federal Bureau of investigation. The FBI declined to comment, said CNN.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has sent Russia a note of protest in connection with the holding of the forum in Yalta

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has sent Russia a note of protest in connection with the holding of the forum in Yalta Moscow. April 21. INTERFAX.RU — Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has sent Russia a note of protest in connection with the holding of the Yalta international economic forum, said on Thursday on the website of the Ukrainian authorities. The statement claimed that the event, held in the Crimea from 20 to 22 April, is a violation of state sovereignty of Ukraine and norms of international law, including resolutions of the UN General Assembly. In this context, expressed the categorical requirement to adopt the Russian side urgent measures to restore the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, strict compliance with universally recognized norms of international law and an immediate end to the practice of holding without the consent of Ukraine any activities on its sovereign territorialnye the Ministry of

The United States found the grounds for the detention of Assange, media reported

The United States found the grounds for the detention of Assange, media reported MOSCOW, 21 APR — RIA Novosti. U.S. authorities have produced formal charges, to achieve arrest of the founder of the portal WikiLeaks Julian Assange, reports TV channel CNN, citing sources familiar with the circumstances of the case. The investigation against Assange and WikiLeaks, the U.S. Department of justice lead in 2010, marks the channel. During the reign of President Barack Obama, attorney General and representatives of the justice Ministry established that it will be difficult to bring charges against Assange, because not only WikiLeaks had published stolen documents of diplomatic service of the United States. According to the TV station, the prosecution believes he’s found a way to go further in bringing Assange to justice. According to the channel, due to the fact that the investigators found possible evidence that WikiLeaks has played an active role in

Eyewitnesses told the details of the attack on the police in Paris

Continued: media reported about the death in Paris of the second policeman from the received wounds One of the witnesses of the attack on the police in the Champs Elysees area in Paris told Reuters that he saw from the car a man came out and opened fire with a machine gun. The police said that the car stopped at a red light, and at this point, passing a criminal started shooting. According to recent reports, the attack killed one policeman, two others were injured. The assailant was eliminated. The police assumes that criminals was two, one of them disappeared. In the Champs Elysees area, the police launched the operation. Used helicopters. The scene comes special transport with armed police. As the version of the incident, according to sources, is seen as a terrorist attack and an armed robbery. At the same time, the interior Ministry of France said that

The Paris police found out about allegedly arrived from Belgium the accomplice arrow

Continued: ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack on the police in Paris Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of the second suspect in the attack on the police in Paris. About it reports Reuters. The document States that the man arrived in France by train from Belgium. Attack on law enforcement officers was made on Thursday evening, April 20. Next to the police car stopped the car, got out a man and fired shots. One of the policemen was killed on the spot. Injured two employees. The criminal was liquidated. According to the representative of the Ministry of interior, his identity is still uncertain. Previously appeared in media reports that a second police officer died of his wounds, the office denied. It specified that the two people “seriously injured”. In Paris held a special operation, we are searching for alleged accomplice eliminated the shooter. Twitter police Department