Matvienko lamented the shell-shocked American politicians

Valentina Matvienko

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko said that the Russian-American relations can improve if Senator John McCain will not be able to influence the foreign policy of the United States. Her words leads to “Interfax” on Thursday, April 20.

“If McCain and his ilk shell-shocked people will determine the foreign policy of this great country and in General and against Russia, of course, nothing good will not have to wait. I hope that times will change,” she said.

Matvienko said that the Russian senators have repeatedly tried to build a constructive dialogue with our American colleagues, but they do not always go on contact. “Our Ambassador “toxic”, he was immersed in such a vacuum that if someone talk to him on the phone and say Hello somewhere at the reception, the person gets blacklisted — that’s the atmosphere today”, — said the speaker of the Federation Council.

McCain has repeatedly criticized Russia. On April 10, the Republican has accused Moscow of supporting the Syrian government forces in the chemical attack in Idlib province. In February, he said that Russia intervenes in the conflict in Afghanistan in order to prevent the United States attempts to resolve the situation in the country.