In tourism praised the idea of tax deductions for vacation in Russia


RIA Novosti

Federal tourism Agency supports the initiative of the Federation Council on tax deductions for people who buy vouchers to sanatoriums and health resorts of Russia, and believes that such measures will contribute to the development of domestic tourism of the country, told RIA Novosti on Thursday the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov.

Earlier, the Chairman of the expert Council on tourism Committee of the Federation Council (SF) on social policy Igor Fomin stated that a bill to write off the cost of employers in the tourism and sanatorium-resort vouchers in the cost have been approved by the government “just recently”. In his opinion, tax deductions for the Russians who buy vouchers to sanatoriums of the country, will increase the Russian tourist market, taking into account the multiplier factor, at least 6 billion rubles per year.

Safonov welcomed that the question of the tax deduction was raised by members of the Federation Council. “I want to say that this proposal is not new, it was developed by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation was discussed. Rosturizm is a supporter of these proposals, we believe that the introduction of such a tax deduction will impact positively on the travel around our country and will be happily used by tourists of the Russian Federation”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

“Any measures which will contribute to increasing the tourist flow to our country, including measures for the development of sanatorium-resort complex, welcome tourism. We are very pleased that such offers appear and are formulated by the Council of the Federation”, — he stressed.