In Canada, a 12-year-old boy accidentally shot a friend

The Indian settlement at garden hill, Manitoba, Canada 12-year-old shot his classmate. About it reports TV channel CBC.

Called the police on Thursday, April 20, at 19:30 local time. The children were playing with a gun found in the house of the parents of one of the boys. In shot 11-year-old child was fatally wounded.

Arrived on the scene, the guards called the incident a tragic accident.

According to the TV station, gunman himself and his 36-year-old father were arrested. Later a child is charged with careless handling of weapons caused the death of a man, his father — in improper storage of the gun.

Currently they are both released before the court’s decision. Other details of incident are not given.

In Canada, criminal liability in case of committing grave and especially grave crimes begins at the age of 12.