Golodets announced the transition to electronic work book

Golodets announced the transition to electronic work book

She added that the transition from the current paper version to electronic is smooth.

Moscow. April 20. INTERFAX.RU — the Social block of the government is preparing a translation of Russians working on the electronic employment record, and relevant proposals will be formulated this year, said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets reporters on Thursday.

“The transition to electronic format (discussed — if) for its electronic version. There is time, I think that this year we will give such suggestions and give them the opportunity, while the option to “walk” two documents”, — said Deputy Prime Minister. She noticed that we are talking about a smooth transition because not all countries are ready to move to an electronic version of the work books.

“It will be a very smooth transition, as well as we introduced a system of remote work today is recorded and provided for in the Labour code and is now in the development of this system we need to make electronic documents in labor law,” — said Golodets.

According to her, the support that employers and unions. “I think we can this year to prepare a good law,” she said.