Zakharova showed a selfie in short shorts


The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova published in Instagram your photo in short shorts, which were made in the gym.

“The morning should be cheerful because the gym,” Zakharova signed your the.

The morning should be cheerful ?? because the gym

Publication from Maria Zakharova (@mzakharovamid) APR 18 2017 10:34 PDT

In just two hours selfie representatives of the foreign Ministry have collected more than 4.5 thousand likes. Subscribers Zakharova noted and praised as its physical form, and strength of will.

“That’s right, Masha, and that such work and such policy to get you can”, “should look like the face of the foreign Ministry!”, “Well done, protects the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs, is running 300 percent. The pride of the country”, “look Great, better than you, slim like a girl. You are our Pride. I have never met the people who criticized You, Class! Russia must stand strong People!”, “Athlete, Komsomol and simply beautiful”, – they wrote.

In early February, Zakharov has also published a selfie from the gym. In the pictures representative of the Russian foreign Ministry stood on a treadmill in tight black sports pants and a turtleneck. In the caption, she hinted to his followers that it is time to begin to physically prepare for the approaching spring.

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