The Russians know about himatake in Syria



The majority of Russians have heard reports of the use in Syria of chemical weapons. And version 37% of citizens of the Russian Federation, the organizers of himataki is ISIS (an organization banned in Russia. — “News”). Such data results in the polls in the study on the reaction of the Russians to the incident in Idlib.

Sociologists have found know whether the Russians are reports in the world media about the use of chemical weapons of mass destruction in Syria. The majority of respondents (85%) answered that they had heard about it. 34% of respondents on an event “know good”, 51% — no details. 14% of Russians admitted that about the chemical attack first learned during the interview.

Among those who doubted the use of chemical weapons in Syria, the majority — 37% — believe the organizers of the attacks of ISIS. 5% of Russians believe that organized by the Syrian opposition, and the least (4%) of the respondents indicated the involvement of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. According to 17% of Russian citizens, no himataki were not.

Thus 54% of Russians consider: if it turns out that the chemical attack was initiated by Assad, it should stop supporting Syrian leader. However, 26% of citizens of the Russian Federation noted that to support the Assad regime is necessary in this case. 20% of respondents found it difficult to answer.

The head of the Department of research VTsIOM Stepan Lvov said that in the information war, as well as in the real, has its own rules: for example, do not trust the sources of the enemy. Otherwise high risk of becoming a victim “of his deceptive maneuver.”

— Therefore, casus belli (a formal reason for the attack. — “News”) of trump’s few Russians take seriously. But that himataki were not, and “picture” were false and believed by few. More were those who believed that she still was, but blaming it on IG. Don’t forget the Russians and another rule of war: if it is proved that ally abuses your trust, it is better not to be the case, — says the sociologist.

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir dzhabarov noted in conversation with “Izvestia” that the vast majority of Russians says absolutely sane.

— What is the meaning of Bashar al-Assad, who is now in an advantageous position to use chemical weapons, which he himself destroyed in 2015? The whole world up in arms against him? I think we the people are competent, trained, and understand who it was profitable, he stressed.

According to the Senator, for the Russians it is important to support the country’s leadership in the international arena.

— We remember well the events of recent years: what happened in Ukraine, events in the middle East, we experienced the terrorist threat during the war in the North Caucasus. People understand that without normal international relations, Russia can not develop, — said Vladimir Jabbarov.

Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov noted that the results of the survey showed a sufficient degree of awareness of Russians about the real situation in Syria.

— Indeed, it has received considerable attention in the press, and most importantly — a lot about this in the media said top officials of the state, people who have unquestioned authority and credibility in the Russian society, — said the analyst.

The President of Academy of geopolitical problems Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov said that Russia is “the most geopolitically competent country in the world”.

At least compared to the citizens of the United States and even Europe, the expert said, “Izvestia”.

Poll “polls-Sputnik” held on April 11-12. The was attended by 1.2 thousand of Russians over the age of 18. The survey was conducted by telephone.