The media learned about a large-scale hunt for the WikiLeaks informant in the ranks of the CIA

U.S. intelligence agencies are investigating one of the largest leaks in the history of the CIA, which became known to the public thousands of top-secret materials with a description of the tools used for penetration into smartphones, smart TVs and computer system. It is reported CBS News.

According to sources, the CIA and the FBI are looking for the insider responsible for the leaks, which is assumed to be either a CIA officer or a representative of the private contractor, who had to content access.

Most of the information was classified and was kept in the Department with a high degree of protection from unauthorized access. While sources claim that the material had access to hundreds of people. All of them checked.

Earlier, Vice-President Mike Pence said that the authorities are ready to take any necessary measures to bring to justice the individuals behind the publication of the WikiLeaks material concerning the work of the CIA.

March 7, WikiLeaks was posted online more than 8,5 thousands of secret documents of the CIA on the intelligence Agency hacking mechanisms. The publication was called “Asylum 7”. WikiLeaks claim that the CIA has actually lost control of his hacking Arsenal that allows you to control many devices around the world.

Themselves malware has not been published — their publication is expected in the case of social consensus on their analysis and “neutralization”.