The investigators were interested in using sex toys to raise a baby

Metropolitan division RCDS promptly began a preliminary examination in connection with the publication of online video, where the young mother gives the child a sex toy instead of a pacifier. About it “lente.Roo” said the official representative of Department.

“At the present time established the woman’s domicile, to her investigators. Inspection shall be conducted into the use of unlawful methods of child rearing,” — said the press service of the Moscow dome RCDS.

The test will be given a legal assessment of the act of the mother. The issue of qualification of its actions and instituting criminal proceedings.

Thursday, April 20, in one of the social networks the young mother posted photos and a video in which she demonstrated a Dildo on him wearing a condom, in the vicinity of the face of the child. The publication caused a public outcry. As told “” a source in law enforcement bodies about the incident became known during the monitoring of the Internet. “In a matter of hours managed to establish that the images posted Muscovite, living in Mar’ina Roshcha. Now it gives an explanation,” said our source.

In October 2015 on Youtube was posted a video of a presentation didlo-selfie-stick. The publication won several tens of thousands of views per day.