In the Federation Council called the conditions of Russia’s joining the Western coalition in Syria

Vladimir Dzhabarov Russia could join the Western coalition in Syria only on equal terms. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov Thursday, April 20, during a video bridge “Moscow — Cairo” reports “parliamentary newspaper”. “A Grand coalition [in Syria] would be the perfect solution if there was not the flagship in the face of one of the country which is United States. There we need to be involved in absolutely equal terms,” said the Senator. In addition, according to dzhabarov, the coalition should not put political conditions on the change of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, as Russia never will not agree. On 16 April, the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in his article in The Daily Telegraph expressed the idea that Russia could join the coalition, representing more than 60 countries to combat “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), in

Klintsevich denied the charges of trying to divide the movement of Afghans

Franz Klintsevich The first Deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich has rejected charges of the head of the Russian public organization disabled war in Afghanistan and military trauma “Disabled war” (OOOIVA) Andrei Chepurnov. It is reported by TASS on Thursday, April 20. “The attempts by any means to discredit, defame me, which became a management response OOOIVA to check use of budget funds, which I initiated at the request of 20 regional branches of the organization. All of this is now actively engaged in law enforcement, and Chepurnoy just need a scandal to interfere with their work,” he said. The Senator stressed that no letters with the name of the successor of the President of Russia wrote. “It’s a fake, concocted with the same nefarious purposes. Any graphological examination will confirm my words”, he added. Earlier Thursday, Chepurnoy said Klintsevich trying to “destroy

From the state Duma withdrew the bill on deprivation of citizenship for terrorism

The bill proposes to deprive the Russian citizenship for terrorist activities, has withdrawn from the state Duma. On Thursday, April 20, reports the Russian service “bi-Bi-si”. Also from the website of the lower house of Parliament was deleted information about that document. Vice-speaker of the state Duma Igor Lebedev said that the review is due to the adjustment prescribed in the bill regulations. “The meaning remains the same. But citizenship, according to the document, will not deprive those who got it by right of birth. The rule will affect those who received it later migrants,” — said Lebedev. He explained that after a while the bill will make again, and it will appear in the database under the same number. A similar draft law on 18 April in the state Duma introduced the leaders of the four parliamentary parties. The possible cancellation of decisions on grant of citizenship to persons

In Paris killed a police officer during a shootout

In Paris killed a police officer during a shootout PARIS, April 20 — RIA Novosti, Victoria Ivanova. One policeman was killed and a second was wounded in a shootout near the main Avenue of Paris, Champs elysées, Louvre, the shooter eliminated, it said on Thursday, Reuters reported. Prefecture of police of Paris in his Twitter urged to avoid the area of the incident, however, does not explain why the recommendations. Police later reported that the Champs-élysées district is a police operation.

In two districts of Dagestan introduced the counter-terrorism operation

In two districts of Dagestan introduced the counter-terrorism operation Moscow. April 20. INTERFAX.RU — security forces carried out a special event in Buynaksk and Karabudakhkent districts of Dagestan introduced the counter-terrorism operation, said the Agency “Interfax” the representative of the operational headquarters of the National antiterrorist Committee in the Republic. “CTO regime introduced on 20 April at 21:00 GMT on separate parcels of territory bounded the settlements of the Lower Jinguji, Durango, Karamakhi of the Buinaksk district and the towns of Dorgali, Gurbuki, Gubden Karabudakhkent district. Security forces were searching for members of illegal armed groups and their accomplices”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

Eurowings aircraft urgently villages in Prague because of the smoke

Eurowings aircraft urgently villages in Prague because of the smoke Plane Airbus Eurowings German company, carrying out flight Hanover-Vienna, made an emergency landing at the airport Vaclav Havel in Prague due to smoke detection in the cargo compartment. It is reported by French radio station Europe1, citing the press Secretary of the airport. At the time of landing at the airport the plane was waiting for the emergency services and medics. After the passengers evacuated, no injuries. After checking the airplane smoke in the baggage compartment was extinguished, and its causes are being investigated. Due to an emergency situation at the airport has restricted the movement of aircraft, some flights were denied boarding in Prague One plane from Moscow was rerouted to Dresden, flight from Madrid to Brno, and the plane from Vienna returned to the departure airport. By words a press-the Secretary of the air Harbor, the runway would

The architects have developed the design of the ship-prison in the style of “Game of thrones”

The architects have developed the design of the ship-prison in the style of “Game of thrones” MOSCOW, 20 APR — RIA Novosti. The architects designed the prison ship, which resembles a celestial prison, which was one of the main characters of “Game of thrones” Tyrion Lannister, reports the Daily Mail. It is assumed that the vessel can accommodate more than three thousand prisoners. The creators of the project emphasize that these cameras are visually together to build two sets of sails, designed for those who were convicted on charges of tax evasion. According to the architects, the area of each camera would be nine square meters. The main material for the construction of the prison will serve as paper. The designers intend to call the ship Panama Papers Jail. The name of the ship comes from the scandal, called the Panama Papers. The German Sueddeutsche Zeitung published documents allegedly Panamanian

The most powerful woman in the world. How Angela Merkel became chief politician of Europe and the danger she’s facing right now. The Story Of “Medusa”

The most powerful woman in the world. How Angela Merkel became chief politician of Europe and the danger she’s facing right now. The Story Of “Medusa” Angela Merkel, the 62-year-old native of Hamburg, who grew up in East Germany, for 12 years he has held the position of Chancellor. During this time she managed to become the most powerful politician in Europe, and in recent years the symbol of Western liberalism, which from all sides threaten the new right and conservatives. In the fall of 2017, Germany will hold parliamentary elections in which the threat can be applied to a Merkel: there is a strong probability that her party CDU in the elections will lose power and the Chancellor have to resign. Especially for the “jellyfish” living in Germany, the journalist of “Deutsche Welle” Dmitry Vicadin talks about how Angela Merkel has managed to make a brilliant political career and

Show business was divided into clans

Show business was divided into clans The brightest family of American show business. The new US President shows the world: promote relatives, arranging them for work, — you can. In place of the usual dynasties come families — not only in government, of course, but in show business. Today in America a Tramp is a new Kardashians. However, the old did not disappear. They are joined by other families, defining the new face of American fashion and show business. In principle, in Hollywood, and there used to be an acting family dynasty — Henry, Peter, Jane and Bridget Fund; Eric, Julia, and now Emma Roberts; Alec, Stephen and William Baldwin; Patricia, Rosanna, David Arquette, and joined them Courtney Cox and so on. However, these actors were very independent and did not go everywhere as a pair. Now it is not so: the life of families of American show business, you

Russia is ready to resume small border traffic with Poland

Photo: RIA Novosti Russia is ready to resume small border traffic with Poland, said the Director of the third European Department of the MFA of Russia Sergey Nechaev reporters in Warsaw on Wednesday. In the capital of Poland was held a Russian-Polish consultations. “We said when the agreement on small border traffic between the Kaliningrad oblast and North-Eastern voivodships of Poland worked — it was a very good practical example of bilateral cooperation, an example of which was really that beacon, including in the European context in the regions,” said Nechayev. “So it was unclear why last summer our Polish colleagues, without consulting us beforehand, just a few days before the entry into force of their new order ceased in unilateral right is a small border post, which we of course had to react adequately and mirror”, he added. The Director of the Department noted that the Russian side does