Medvedev urged critics of the government’s work to come down to earth

Dmitry Medvedev

In response to the allegations of the deputies of the state Duma in the weak government of Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has reminded that the Cabinet acts in terms of sanctions and low energy prices. His words to the correspondent “” on Wednesday, April 19.

“Let’s get down to the ground. All! We are the living conditions? Finance closed — the blockade. Oil has fallen twice. That’s all you remember? Nothing has changed,” he said to the parliamentarians during the annual government report.

The Prime Minister suggested the MPs to give a universal recipe out of a difficult situation, “if steer is ready.”

“I just like these conversations no value in the face of very difficult international and domestic economic situation,” — said Medvedev.

Earlier, Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov, speaking after the report, the Prime Minister criticized the activities of Ministers, stressing that they are working “very weak”. According to the parliamentarian, the crisis in Russia continues to deepen, therefore, necessary to change the personnel composition of the government.

On 13 March, the EU extended sanctions, including the freezing of assets and ban on entry into Commonwealth countries, some citizens of Russia and Ukraine, for six months.

In addition to this package of sanctions are restrictive measures that affect the financial, energy and defense sectors of the Russian economy (up to 31 July 2017). In addition, Brussels has extended until June 23, 2017, the ban on imports into the EU of any Crimean goods, as well as a ban on European investment in Crimea.