In the Sheremetyevo have detained fighting robots

Thursday, April 20, at registration of the flight from Beijing to Moscow Sheremetyevo staff of the capital airport detained a shipment of “fighting robots” — machines designed to perform at international competitions in the Chinese city of Nanchan. About it “” has informed a source in law enforcement bodies.

According to him, while being loaded on the passenger plane of airline Air China was discovered three places of oversized Luggage. The weight and dimensions each exceed the maximum allowed. It later emerged that the cargo belongs to members of the Moscow technological Institute (MTI) which flew to the international competition in China. The cars were already assembled. The entire shipment was detained, the source said.

As reported “” Alexander Kovalenko, head of Department of external communications of the Moscow technological Institute, as of 20:00 GMT the incident is over. “Engineers at MIT right at the airport have eliminated observations, reviewing robots and repackaging them, and now the team has passed inspection and flew to China,” he said.

According to Kovalenko, the international tournament of battle robots 2017 FMB Championship will take place on 22 April in Nanchang, and our country will represent three cars. “The Russian team’s first participation in international competitions. Students and engineers five months collecting robots in garages. The team entered three teams: Solarbot (Moscow), “Destructor” (Kazan) and Energy (Peter) who participated in the National championship “Battle robots”. Each, in terms of competition, exposes one RC fighter”, — said the representative of MTI.