In Russia developed a project to block anonymizers and VPN services

In Russia developed a project to block anonymizers and VPN services

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. A bill providing for a ban on the use of information systems and programs that allow users to bypass the blocking of websites with illegal content developed in Russia, should be at the disposal of RIA Novosti text of the project.

As noted in the explanatory note to the draft of the 2012 practice of restricting access to prohibited Internet sites in Russia have demonstrated a lack of effectiveness.

The operators of search engines are not obliged to stop providing links to the blocked sites and visit them now by using technologies that route traffic of the Russian Internet users through foreign servers, anonymous proxy servers (also called anonymizers, ed.), virtual private networks (VPN services), and so on.

To prohibit and penalize

Therefore, the authors propose to prohibit the use in Russia of these systems, providing access to forbidden sites. The authors leave open the possibility of using such services: to do this, their owners should provide access to the registry of banned sites Roskomnadzor that they voluntarily included such resources and in their “black lists”. If the service owner refuse to cooperate, and provided measures of administrative coercion — lock.

According to the authors of the project, such a mechanism is needed to prevent the spread of prohibited information, extremist material violation of exclusive rights. The mechanism does not preclude subsequent appeals against such decisions in court.

In addition, the bill requires search engines to stop providing links to the sites that are blocked in Russia for the dissemination of illegal information. For it provides a fine — 500-700 thousand rubles.

A market source told RIA Novosti that the bill was developed by experts close to Mediacommunications Union (ISS). A representative of the ISS said that the Union is not involved in the development of the project and not familiar with the text, though heard that such work by industry experts is conducted.

Earlier Wednesday, the newspaper “Vedomosti” referring to sources reported that the author of the project — Roskomnadzor, but prepared at the initiative of the Russian security Council. In Roskomnadzor RIA Novosti has reported, I don’t know anything about this project.