In Pakistan, three women are killed a suspect in a blasphemy preacher

In the Pakistani city of Multan shot dead a Shiite preacher, who 10 years ago accused of blasphemy. About it reports Reuters.

According to the police, to the house of Fazal Abbas, who healed the afflicted prayers, the three veiled women. They asked the preacher to perform the ritual of healing, during which one of the women shot him with a pistol.

Police arrested the murderers. They argue that they acted on their own initiative, but the relatives of Abbas believe that they were associated with Sunni conservatives.

Shiite healer Fazal Abbas in 2004, was accused by conservatives of blasphemy. Escaping from punishment, he fled to Denmark. Some time ago he returned to Pakistan, hoping to prove his innocence. Before the end of the trial the judge released Abbas bail.

April 13 in the Pakistani city of Peshawar 10 students, shouting “Allah Akbar” they attacked their classmate Mashal Khan, stripped him naked and beat with sticks until, until his cracked skull. Standing around the students looked at the scene without trying to help the Khan, and took a beating on smartphones. After Mashal Khan died, the killer tried to burn the body. They later explained that the deceased had insulted Allah.