In Caracas began a large-scale protest action of opposition

In Caracas began a large-scale protest action of opposition

Moscow. April 19. INTERFAX.RU IN the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, the opposition began mass protest against President Nicolas Maduro, called the “Mother of all marches”, said on Wednesday the American TV channel Fox News.

According to the TV station, the protesters began the March of the 26 points of the capital toward the building of the local Governance on human rights. The protesters intend to achieve full restoration of the rights of Venezuela’s Parliament, most of whose members are representatives of the opposition, establish a timetable for the election of a new President and begin the process of restoring Venezuela’s economy.

Earlier, opposition leader Henrique Capriles said that the opposition will not stop until in the country will have presidential elections.

In the television report noted that the protests in Venezuela have been going on for over two weeks, during this time, six people died, dozens injured, and more than 200 were detained as a result of demonstrations this month.

The Venezuelan opposition accuses the President of dictatorship, in particular, in ignoring the laws, the detention of political opponents and pressure on the judiciary. The opposition blames Maduro’s economic problems of the country, rich in oil.

However, the President said that his government is a victim of economic war that big business is waging against his administration.

Previously, the Supreme court of Venezuela announced that assumes the functions of Parliament, prompting criticism of the opposition, having the majority of seats in Parliament. The opposition has called these actions a “coup”. In addition, the court’s decision led to the growth of international pressure on the Venezuelan President.