France looking for woman. What should be the first lady of France

France looking for woman. What should be the first lady of France

Last five years France has lived without the first lady. However, soon everything will change. While we try to at least guess who will be in the second round of presidential elections in France, the public’s attention is riveted to one of potential first lady Bridget macron, the most unusual of all.

The wife of Emmanuel Macron, a 64-year-old Bridget is older than her husband of 24 years — she was his literature teacher at the private school of the city of Amiens in Northern France. They met in 1992 when Emmanuel was 15 years old, and gradually their relationship grew into a novel, which, of course, did not like the parents of the young man. However, in 2007, he had convinced Bridget, the mother of three children, to marry him.

However, it is not unusual in the history of the spouses: now Bridget Makron plays an important role in the election campaign of a spouse and might lead him to the presidency.

The wife of the presidential candidate for many years has been his mentor — and he appreciates it: “With me it will take the same role as always, she will not remain in the shadows, because she shared my life. Her opinion is important to me because the President is always a man. She’s always been there for me, she is my balance,” — said recently in an interview on RTL Emmanuel macron.

Bridget is not one of those people who give interviews, but sometimes she shows his wit. Once she was asked why her husband “so well versed in politics”, on what received the answer: “He’s good at everything. Not only in politics.” Then Bridget added: “I have yet to find a field in which he is not good.”

Such strong support plays into the hands of one of the most likely candidates for the French presidency: let the story of this unusual couple, Emmanuel and Bridget macron are doing everything to be accepted for who they are, and try not to provoke gossip behind my back. Now they are fully open to the press, appear regularly at events and even participate in magazine photo shoots, the magazine Paris Match recently appeared a picture of them in bathing suits, on the back.

Emmanuel Macron et Brigitte : Plage, soleil, en marche pour les vacances !

— (@purepeople) 10 Aug 2016

Thanks Bridget Makron now causes the press was one of total admiration, but fashion magazines are already calling her a style icon.

To demonstrate the idyllic relationship all the more important because they determine the ranking of the candidate. And the President, too — an example of the outgoing President of France shows how important it is to be a good husband. Because Francois Hollande was bad — he paid for it.

France lives without the first lady in 2014, after the breakup of Francois Hollande and Valerie trierweiler. During the election campaign 2012, Valerie, a professional journalist, was a close ally of Hollande — she forced him to lose 15 kg, edited his speeches and acted as a image consultant policy.

However, after Hollande became President, everything changed: in 2014, the press unearthed a connection Hollande with another woman. CE.

Valerie found out that she changed, from the pages of Newspapers.

She had a nervous breakdown, more than a week she spent in the hospital. Hollande visited his former lover with flowers and apologized, but to return to the Elysee Palace was not asked. A little later, Valerie wrote a book of memoirs, in which he described the French President as a calculating and cold person, who does not love the poor and contempt for their own people. The President’s rating has fallen to 13%.

Predecessor Valerie trierweiler could be Cecilia Martin, the second wife of Nicolas Sarkozy (they married in 1996).

Cecilia often appeared with her husband in public and was his assistant, which was unusual for that time. During the presidential election campaign she was beside Nicolas, in the first round they voted together. But four months after in 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy became President of France, the couple broke up — according to Cecilia, this was because shortly after the accession to the presidency he started to forget about her.

Nicolas Sarkozy became the first President of modern France, broke up with his wife during his reign. Six months later, he married Carla Bruni, a famous singer and a model, which by that time had been on the list of most paid models in the world, managed to act in films and become the winner of prestigious competition “Victoire” in the nomination “the Best singer of the year”.

Carla Bruni became the first lady of France — and quite successfully it is performed. However, its role was more decorative — Carla Bruni boasts impeccable sense of style and refined manners — but Sarkozy, unlike Donald trump, none of the marriage in the model is not reproached. Moreover, the story of divorce and new marriage of Nicolas during the presidential term raised its rating.

The French are not criticized the President for having a mistress and tumultuous personal life, quite the contrary.

What role should perform the first lady of France, not quite clear by the French. The position of first lady has no official legal status. It is believed that first lady plays an official role as representative of the country — it is accompanied by the head of state in some trips abroad and takes part in official events.

However, when in 2014, parted Francois Hollande and Valerie trierweiler, the French society was raised once again the question, why the first lady. “The French don’t quite understand what status should be the first lady,” said then New York Times Christine Clerc, a journalist who wrote a book about presidents and their wives. According to the survey of 2014, more than half of the inhabitants of France did not want to see the wives of the presidents in an official role.

At the same time, some French politicians urged to renounce the status of first lady as such, and the President of the Socialist group in the Senate, Francois Rebsamen, said, according to The Guardian that the practice of the first lady “is outdated, old-fashioned and should be banned”.

Perhaps the problem was that the contents of the first lady took too much money. In a Valerie trierweiler was the staff and office, funded by taxpayers. Parliament revealed that Valerie has cost the state €19 742 per month. However, this figure was significantly less than her predecessor, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, which had cost taxpayers €60 thousand per month.

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