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Pavel Lisitsyn / RIA Novosti

The regulator of migration processes in Russia (defunct FMS) has gone through major reform a year ago was included in the structure of the interior Ministry, changing the name. Why Uzbek workers strengthen their position in Russia and how many earned on the Treasury foreign workers, journalists were told by the leaders of the Main Directorate for migration (GOWM).

According to the interior Ministry, released on 19 April, last year Russia moved 16.4 million foreigners and individuals without citizenship. The lion’s share of flow — the citizens of the CIS countries, almost 70 percent. The EU accounts for 11.2 percent, the others — citizens of other countries.

“The most popular for foreigners remain Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar Krai — in a word, the same regions where employment looking for our compatriots,” — said the head GUVM Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Olga Kirillova.

As the purpose of their visit, foreigners often point employment and private visit.

An important event in determining the migration situation in the foreseeable future was the signing on 5 April, Vladimir Putin and President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirzieev agreement for the organized recruitment and attraction of citizens of the Republic for temporary employment in the Russian Federation.

“This is a step forward — said Kirillov. — People will be checked even in the country at the knowledge of the Russian language in the health (…). This is a civilized solution to which we aspire”.

Significantly increased last year, despite the restart of domestic migration system, budget revenues from migrant workers.

“In monetary terms for the year 2016, we collected 45 billion rubles,” — said Kirillov.

This amount is not limiting, given that officially employed on patents only 3.8 million of the nearly 10 million are at the beginning of this year in the country of foreigners. The whiter, the employment system, the more deductions in the budget.

In 11 months of 2015, as reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the former head of the Federal migration service of Russia Konstantin Romodanovsky, the Treasury replenished with migrants from almost 29 billion rubles.

The patent granting procedure also allowed the police to fingerprint all migrant workers and check their condition. This is important both for safety and for sanitary-epidemiological situation — approved list of diseases with which the foreigner refuse to work in Russia.

At multifunctional migration center of Moscow near the village of Sakharovo, where services for labour migrants
Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

According to Kirillova, at the moment, the vector of the law enforcement system aimed at nachinena obstacles to business.

“But if there is reliable information about committed offenses, the validation will occur and punishment will follow. Today in Russia we say that the liability [for violation of immigration laws] should be in first place on the receiving side,” — said the head of the service.

Just last year, police conducted more than 420 thousand and verification activities, identifying almost 475 thousand offences related to the stay, residence and employment of foreigners. Over 55 thousand people were expelled and forcibly transferred across the state border.

Another vector, determining the migration policy in Russia, can be a relief for aliens who have committed minor offenses. Until recently, for any, even minor offense — for example, improper Parking or failure on the day of registration, migrants were threatened with automatic deportation, restrictions on entry to Russia.

“In recent years, there were many complaints, including heads of state, the ministries of foreign Affairs (…). We have said that such measures were overly strict, as a closing entry,” — said Kirillov.

Besides, according to her, such measures are economically feasible — the perpetrator of the misdemeanor, was held for the state account, while he sought means to send the alien home.

“The application of such measures must be strictly demand — if the person is a danger to society, repeatedly and severely violated the law,” — said Kirillov.

It is worth mentioning that in 2016, according to the portal of legal statistics of the Prosecutor General in Russia, more than 42 thousand crimes were committed by foreign citizens and persons without citizenship.

In the management of migration are concerned that even at the border to identify those whose stay in Russia is undesirable.

Especially, according to Kirillova, this question is relevant on the eve of Russia’s confederations Cup.

“Since the summer of 2014 we were deployed temporary accommodation, which were created by the subjects of the Russian Federation, — they were placed more than 50 thousand citizens of Ukraine, more than 400 thousand were placed the citizens of Russia”, — said the Deputy head Valentina Kazakova GUVM.

Every year, the government transferred to the regions amount of 800 rubles per day for the maintenance of one person. The accommodation has been spent around 18 billion rubles.

More than 460 thousand people have applied for temporary asylum and refugee status. We have registered is 220 thousand persons in this category. That is, about 200 thousand people received other statuses — mainly citizens of Russia.

Today, the relevance of temporary housing anymore — they were only 36 people. It’s been moved to temporary accommodation, the Ministry of interior.

After signing by the RF President decree on the recognition of valid documents issued by the authorities of the DNI and LC, their owners had the opportunity to address the issues of their status to the Russian law enforcement authorities.

“We are working with these documents, along with all the others. These documents allow a person to become on the migratory account in Russia and to obtain a patent for work. And in the future to apply for a temporary residence permit,” — said Kazakov.

Those wishing to obtain Russian citizenship from year to year does not become smaller. While waivers of the passport with the double — headed eagle- cases are rare.

“More than 265 thousand people acquired the citizenship of our country in 2016. (…) More than 40 percent have used the program to assist the voluntary resettlement from abroad”, — said Kazakov.

Recall, the program was launched in 2007, it participated in all 14 regions of the country. Today — 61.

In parallel with the settlement of citizenship issues the police have to recheck the legality of passports. In particular, the General Directorate for migration, Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia checks the legality of Russian citizenship Abror Azimov — the alleged organizer of the terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg.

As noted by Kirillov, the registration and granting the citizenship of citizens of the Crimean Peninsula by the Russian police are faced with many questionable judicial decisions that retroactively prescribed number of people in premises, including residential, with the aim of obtaining Russian citizenship.

If the audit revealed a fact of fraud on documents, such as fake extract from the house register, the decision on citizenship can be revised.