Civil of the liquidators of Chernobyl equated to the military



“The Union “Chernobyl” Russia” and NGO “Verum” made a proposal to change the order of payments on the burial of civilians who participated in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident. Family volunteers and people seconded from businesses, will receive an increased compensation for the funeral and installation of the monument. Amendments to the act provide for the giving of military honors at the burial of civilian liquidators.

After nearly 31 years after the tragedy in Chernobyl, in Russia survived for about 190 thousand of the liquidators of the accident at the nuclear power plant. Including 90 thousand former soldiers and 100 thousand volunteers and delegates from ministries, departments, enterprises, organizations. Today, the average age of the liquidators is 65-66 years, and the adverse consequences of the Chernobyl disaster could not affect their health.

According to the President of the “Union “Chernobyl” Russia”, member of the presidential Commission for people with disabilities Vyacheslav Grishin, increasingly began to have problems with a decent burial of the dead volunteers and travelers. Grishin told “Izvestia” that today the status of the participant of liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl disaster as the defender or rescuer is not defined. And the difference between the payments for the burial of military and civilian is huge.

So, for military liquidators in the event of death subject to the provisions of the Federal laws “On veterans”, “On status of servicemen”, “On burial and funeral business”. Payment assistance to military families for burial comes at the expense of the budget of the authority, which served this man, and it is 18 250. This is paid in addition to the fabrication and installation of the monument (from 25 to 31 541 269 rubles). Also provided by the saluting military honors at the burial.

And the relatives of civilian liquidators only get an allowance of 11 176,72 rubles according to the RF law “On social protection of citizens, podvergshihsja to influence of radiation owing to accident on the Chernobyl NPP”. The cost of the monument and saluting military honors are not provided.

According to “Union “Chernobyl” Russia” it is not true, because soldiers and normal citizens doing the same work. As well as harmful to their health had suffered the same.

According to the President of the nonprofit organization “Verum” Vladimir Gorelov, a significant difference between payments for burial can be regarded as a violation of the rights of citizens.

All the liquidators performed the same task, and the posthumous recognition of the achievements are different. Some (in monetary terms) above, the other below. We protect the rights of all citizens, who come to us. The families of the liquidators, we will help for free, – said Vladimir Gorelov.

– In the list of categories of veterans, as enshrined in the Federal law “On veterans”, we propose to introduce the participants of liquidation of consequences of radiation accidents and catastrophes. This will increase payments for the entire complex of funeral services and will be giving the honors at the burial, – said Vyacheslav Grishin.

In the near future the document will be submitted for consideration to the State Duma. According to Grishin, for annual funding of this innovation need not large across the country the amount is about 100-200 billion.

Also in the “Union “Chernobyl” Russia” noted that the family of the deceased can not simultaneously receive two payments – both for ordinary citizens and for the liquidator of the disaster. That is, the family of the deceased liquidator-Muscovite is more profitable to refuse payment in the amount of 11 rubles and 176,72 to account regional factor – 16 562,25 roubles (it is put all Muscovites).

– However, in some regions the district factor is present (e.g. in Nizhny Novgorod). The social benefit for burial is not more than 5562,25 rubles, – said Vyacheslav Grishin. In this case it is logical to expect a fixed payout.

Experts believe it is important not only to increase the amount of monetary compensation, but also to perpetuate the memory of the liquidators. Project Manager of the international system of commemoration of the dead Igor Poluichik noted that today, even the highest leaders are confusing the commemoration of the measures for social support of troops in part of the burial.

– The funds allocated for the funeral of fallen servicemen is social support. But the commemoration (fireworks, the inclusion of “Book of memory”, the burial at the Federal military memorial cemetery) occurs according to the moral criterion. Perpetuated the memory of the heroes who showed courage and heroism, – said Igor Poluichik.

The actions of all participants of liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, no doubt, can be considered heroic.