Celebrity told how to spend money

Celebrity told how to spend money

Celebrity told Bloomberg, how you spend your money.

For example, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich said that always takes a bit of care and that the staff is trying not to take music as a job, not to lose the spark. “But it is obvious that a lot of people work for us, a lot of people help us as a company, and these need to be addressed,” said Ulrich.

According to him, the age of the members of the group have long exceeded the average, so two employees monitor the physical form of musicians.

We have a chef. We stay in comfortable hotels. Is travel on private planes.Lars Of Metallica Ultragroup

He added that Metallica convenient tour schedule to regularly “recharge” and to see my family.

Actress Priyanka Chopra, for his part, said that the change of the Indian “market actor” for us the hardest thing was to learn about taxes, immigration law, international law.

“Where I live, how much time I spend in a particular country, how will this affect my visa. So many different ways to do something wrong,” she said.

As noted by Chopra, she shared their earnings: savings, investments, charity, and what he wants to spend. Its the best investment the actress believes land ownership (Mumbai and Goa).

Director, screenwriter and producer Lee Daniels said that the couple earned millions of dollars before coming on the set (he had his own Agency nursing). Answering the question what he would have wanted to know about money before you start working in show business, Daniels said, “That half goes directly to the government. And another 20% goes to your representatives, so 70% of your income right there.”

Artist-glassmaker Dale Chihuly considers his best a waste of the purchase of the building on lake Union, and the lead singer of the band Garbage Shirley Manson called his most crazy buying boots for $5 thousand