CEC Turkey rejected the opposition’s statement about the cancellation of the referendum

The Supreme electoral Council (CEP) Turkey rejected the appeal of the opposition, demanding to revise the results of the referendum on introducing amendments to the Constitution. On it informs TV channel NTV.

For satisfaction of the appeal voted one member vis — against 10.

It is noted that the final results of the referendum will be announced on April 27-28. The opposition Republican people’s party demanded to cancel the results of the plebiscite, citing the illegality of the decision of the electoral Council to count valid ballots and envelopes without stamps.

16 April, Turkey held a referendum on amendments to the Constitution. According to preliminary results, the amendment was voted 51.4%.

The mission of OSCE observers declared that the referendum did not meet the standards of the Council of Europe: voters have not received objective information about the reform on a number of stations had no observers from non-governmental organizations, the opposition has not received sufficient access to the media.

Republican people’s party (CHP) was founded in 1919 by Kemal Ataturk, who later became the first President of the Turkish Republic and the founder of the modern Turkish society. IUU fishing is on the centre-left and Kemalist positions.