“We were just kidding!”. As was shown by Russia and Russian in the simpsons

“We were just kidding!”. As was shown by Russia and Russian in the simpsons

April 19, 1987 on American TV for the first time showed a cartoon about the Simpsons.

19 April 1987 in the “Show Tracey Ullman” was demonstrated by the animated mini-series “Good night”, in which viewers first became acquainted with the family of the Simpsons.

The characters the audience liked it, and in December, 1989 on American TV started to demonstrate the first season of the animated series “the Simpsons.”

For almost 30 years which goes to show, he set many records, has received dozens of prestigious awards and became a separate socio-cultural phenomenon.

Once considered almost the most controversial project, the TV series “the Simpsons” long-lost “palm” harder “counterparts”, such as “South Park”.

“The simpsons” are shown in more than 100 countries around the world, and talks about the end of the series are still just talk — the audience is not given to the creators to let family Homer Simpson. Today the show is extended until 30th of the season, after which, perhaps, the point will still be delivered. But, maybe not.

“The simpsons” is primarily a series about American life and American stereotypes, but his characters often appear and foreigners, including Russians.

The creators of the series were introduced to the story as the real Russians and invented. Sometimes this occurred as a reaction to world events, and sometimes this course was solely a figment of the imagination of the writers.

Here are eight of the most memorable references about Russia and Russians in “the simpsons.”

1. Lenin was a zombie and “resuscitation of the USSR”

In March 1998, the screens went 19-series of the 9th season of the Simpsons entitled “Simpson’s Navy”.

Homer, having entered the service in the U.S. Navy, is aboard the American submarine, which erroneously leads to the waters of Russia.

The UN representative of Russia stated: “the Soviet Union will release Your vessel.”

“The Soviet Union? I thought you fell apart” — surprise meets the us diplomat.

“We were just kidding!” — exclaims the representative of Russia, after which the sign “Russia” is changed to “Soviet Union” toy parade in Moscow turns into a parade of tanks, the Berlin wall took its place, and the Mausoleum of Lenin smashes the glass and opens with the words “Down with capitalism!”.

2. Russian quarter in Springfield

In 1998 “Russian theme” was very close to the creators of “the Simpsons”. In may premiere of the 24th series of the 9th season called “Lost our Lisa”.

Lisa Simpson, lost in his hometown, accidentally hit the Russian quarter, where he experienced a lot of turmoil.

First, she was scared of playing chess in a Russian shirt, who stood gesticulating and shouting, trying to show her the way. Then she offered to buy a pike, and after Lisa was found merchant-bear. Well, that managed to call home from a phone booth with Church cupola!

3. “Bold” — talisman of the Olympic games in Sochi

In February 2010 they released a 12 episode 21 season called “Boy meets aliens”. The series was dedicated to the Olympic games in Vancouver, but the creators are not spared and the topic of the Games-2014 in Sochi.

In the story, Lisa Simpson is fond of collecting badges that gives them their beads. Bart, determined to help his sister and to return the beads, cuts out the driving licence of Homer part of his face with bristles, pririsovyvaet to her eyes, and gives it for the icon with the first mascot of the Olympic winter games in Sochi. According to Bart, the mascot’s name is “bold” and it represents “the Spirit of Russian sloth and alcoholism.” In exchange for this “rarity” Bart returns Lisa’s beads.

4. Footballer Anton Lubchenko

In January 2000, aired 11-episode 11 season under the name “Unbeliever”.

The best striker of the team Springfield University Anton Lubchenko is injured because of Homer Simpson. Mob boss Fat Tony demands that the player cured, Bart declared himself a healer — in case of refusal he threatened to kill Homer.

Bart agrees, but during a game leg Lubchenko off and… helping Springfield win the match. Leg the player sews Dr. Hibbert.

In the cartoon not claim that Lubchenko — Russian, but judging by his appearance and behavior, there is every reason to consider it as such.

5. Hockey Player Kozlov

In the 5th series of the 14th season of “Life inside” which aired in December 2002, the problems of the Simpson family arise from Kozlov a Russian hockey player who plays in the team “the Isotopes” (Springfield).

During the match, Lisa gives a hint Kozlov, thanks to which “Isotopes” you win. Russian hockey player in gratitude, gives his girl a stick. However, it turns out the termites — “evil Russian bug Comedy” — that destroy the home of the Simpsons.

I wonder what the NHL was made by two Russian hockey Kozlov Vyacheslav and Victor — and fans are still arguing which of them meant the creators of the series.

6. Mikhail Gorbachev

In January 1996 aired a 13-episode 7th season, which he called “Two bad neighbors”.

Next to the Simpsons Springfield is located in the former U.S. President George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara. Irritated bullying Bart, Bush otkladyvat, which leads Homer into a rage. The confrontation between Bush and Homer ends the fight.

At this time, to visit Bush arrives Mikhail Gorbachev, becomes an occasion for new complaints Homer: “What brought the commies to help you in a dirty war, right?!”.

In the end, Bush apologizes and leaves, having sold the house to another ex-President Gerald Ford, with whom Homer is peacefully drinking a beer watching a football match.

7. “Terrible” Vladimir Putin

In October 2015 released the 5th episode of the 27th season of “the Simpsons”. It was the 26th “treehouse of horror wood” — a collection of mini-stories that the creators of the project release for Halloween.

In the third story called, “famous psychic” Bart, Lisa, Milhouse and Maggie under the influence of the nuclear waste gain superpowers. Maggie uses her powers for peaceful purposes, in particular clothing for Vladimir Putin, who rides a horse shirtless.

A year later, in October 2016, Putin again appeared in the simpsons, though not in most of the series, a promotional teaser for “House of horrors on a tree 27”.

At the polling station, a man campaigning for Homer to vote for Donald trump, but he, suspecting something was wrong, agitator tore off the mask under which it appears Putin. However, the election Commission is not surprising — it turns out that Putin is in the voter list, but no Homer. Voting, a bare-chested Putin goes on a horse, promising that trump wins.

8. “Boris Yeltsin” — the highest degree of intoxication

The first President of Russia in “the simpsons” has received very specific mention. In the 10th series of the 8th season, “the Springfield files”, which was released in January 1997, showed not even Yeltsin himself, only his name and surname.

Homer went to the bar at MoE, before leaving checked on the breathalyzer bartender.

Simpson revealed the highest degree of intoxication, which is called … “Boris Yeltsin”.