Tuvan Buddhist killed by lightning while praying

In Tuva conducted preliminary examination on the fact of death of resident of the village as a result of a lightning strike. It is reported by the Republican Department of the Investigative Committee (IC).

The incident occurred April 15 at a place called Burgan easy, during the prayer service, conducted by the lamas of the monastery “Tsechenling”.

“As a result of lightning killed 36-the summer inhabitant of village Kaa-Khem, two women suffered burns,” — said in the message. The exact cause of death of men to be established in the course of forensic examination.

In January, Zimbabwe lightning killed six people came to the funeral. Residents of one village gathered to say goodbye to the sister of the leader. The storm began, and lightning hit the house. It caught fire, but no one was hurt. The next lightning hit a tree under which the mourners were hiding from the rain.