Turkey’s main opposition party has threatened to leave the Parliament

The main opposition party of Turkey threatened to withdraw from Parliament in protest against the violation of the law during the referendum on changing the Constitution. About it reports Reuters.

“We do not recognize the results of the referendum, — has declared the official representative of the Republican people’s party Celine Siek the side. — We promise to use all our democratic rights to protest them.” The Bok stated that her party supports the holding of a new referendum, and added that the legitimacy of Sunday’s plebiscite is in question.

In the Grand national Assembly of Turkey Republican people’s party has the second largest faction — 133 MP — second only to the ruling Party of justice and development.

16 April, Turkey held a referendum on amendments to the Constitution. According to preliminary results, the amendment was voted 51.4%. The final results will be announced in 11-12 days after appeals. The opposition stated about violations during the referendum, in particular, criticized the decision of the electoral Commission to count valid ballots and envelopes without stamps.

The mission of OSCE observers declared that the referendum did not meet the standards of the Council of Europe: voters have not received objective information about the reform on a number of stations had no observers from non-governmental organizations, the opposition has not received sufficient access to the media.