Trump has signed the decree “Buy American and hire Americans”

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump has signed a decree designed to protect the national labour market and encourage the purchase issued in the country of the goods. On Tuesday, April 18, reported on the White house website.

The document is called “Buy American and hire Americans” (Buy American and Hire American). It is expected that it will lead to a change in visa policies and conditions for public procurement and trade agreements.

In particular, it aims to increase the share of U.S.-manufactured goods in the course of public procurement of government agencies. However, the leadership of government departments will be able to revise agreements with foreign suppliers if they are acquiring too large amounts of foreign goods. In addition, the order allows for U.S. companies to sell goods to the governments of U.S. trading partners on the same terms as foreign firms in the domestic market.

The decree also stipulates the amendment of the rules of issuance of work visas “H-1B” which the country came foreign experts with experience and skills rare. States that American companies for the sake of saving Americans prefer wages unskilled foreigners, in connection with which the relevant agencies will be required to prepare recommendations for changes in immigration policy which will lead to hiring really gifted, skilled and highly paid workers.

31 Mar Donald trump signed two Executive orders aimed at narrowing the trade deficit. According to the first, the Commerce Department is given 90 days to prepare a report on the factors influencing the trade deficit. The second document aims to increase the collection of import duties.