Trump expressed hope for peaceful settlement of the situation on the Korean Peninsula

The President of the United States Donald trump expressed the hope that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN aimed at measuring the settlement of the situation on the Korean Peninsula. About this, the White house said in an interview with TMJ4-TV.

“I hope he wants peace and we want peace, and would be the final solution. But we have to see what happens,” — said trump.

However, the question whether the citizens of the United States cause for concern about the situation, he said, “we have to be Worried always. It is not clear exactly who you are dealing with. I had a great meeting with the leader of China [XI Jinping], it tells me a lot, and you see that a lot happens. They (China —“”) has enough power over the DPRK. Let’s see what will happen. This is a very difficult situation.”

Also in the interview, trump said that the solution to the problem with Pyongyang had to deal with his predecessor, Barack Obama or those who served as President Scheme before. However, according to trump, they “put it off”.

“Now I am in a position where he (Kim Jong UN – “”) has nuclear weapons. And we need something to do with it,” said Donald trump.

Also on 18 April, CNN reported the Pentagon plans to spend in may test a missile defense system after the interception missiles of the DPRK,

The situation on the Korean Peninsula in recent days is one of the most intense topics of international politics. The U.S. Navy concentrated in the region of the strike group led by the aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”. It was reported that Washington is ready to launch a preemptive strike on North Korean military targets if Pyongyang decides for another nuclear test. The DPRK responded by saying that in this case, will carry out a pre-emptive strike.

From 2016, the North Korea has periodically conducted rocket launches, another took place on 16 April and, according to the Pentagon, ended in failure — a shell exploded almost immediately after launch.