Throughout Russia will begin large-scale is command-staff doctrines of the Ministry of emergency situations


© RIA Novosti. Vadim Bradow

Large-scale command and staff exercises of EMERCOM of Russia to simulate floods and wildfires will take place from 19 to 21 April in all regions of the country, told RIA Novosti on Friday in management of the organization awareness of the Ministry.

“In all 85 subjects of the Russian Federation will work out actions for liquidation of emergency situations connected with spring flood and wildfires. The exercise will involve a specially prepared forces and means of Federal Executive authorities, Executive authorities of constituent entities and organizations intended for prevention and liquidation of emergencies and fire-rescue units of EMERCOM of Russia”, — said the Agency interlocutor, noting that special attention will be placed on the use of airmobile groups, aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The feature of command-staff exercises is the fact that the subjects of the Russian Federation, where seasonal risk already entered a state of emergency, all practical measures will be worked out not on educational inputs, but by real action plans and the actual situation.

According EMERCOM of the Russian Federation, in 2016, a similar exercise involved more than 1.5 million people and more than 350 thousand units. To ensure the trainings participated aviation group composed of 67 helicopters and 13 aircraft of the Russian emergencies Ministry, defense Ministry, interior Ministry and FSB.