The President promised to puzzle Shoigu buying kvass

Sergei Shoigu and Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin will discuss with defense Minister Sergei Shoigu question of the procurement of domestic brew for the army. The head of state said during the visit to Novgorod oblast on Tuesday, April 18, reports TASS.

The Russian President met with representatives of business and public organizations in the region. One of the participants asked to give priority in public procurement of kvass “Nikola”, as well as purchasing it for the army.

“I agree with you and Sergei Kuzhugetovich [Shoigu] to this issue back again. Back already personally will look”, — said Vladimir Putin.

However, he noted that the head of the Ministry of defense have too much work. “But in principle this is not an idle question,” he said.

According to the online edition to enable the brew to the list of public procurement for the Russian army were made by the General Director of joint-stock company “Deka” Elena Novikova. She stressed that this high-calorie drink, which is produced in the Novgorod region, suitable for the military.

At the end of 2014 widely known manufacturer of Kirov “Vyatka” kvas after the employee of the regional newspaper during a press conference, asked Putin, why the big retailers don’t want to sell this product.