The owner of the cafés condemned for cheating

The owner of the cafés condemned for cheating

In Singapore the owner of the popular cafés Cuddles Cat Cafe was sentenced to two weeks imprisonment and a fine of 3,500 Singapore dollars (about $ 2,500) for violation of the terms of the license and giving the authorities false data.

The Singapore Office for food and veterinary informed in published on this topic a statement that the investigation against the owner of the cafe, 33-year-old Jonathan tan Wei-de, started in October 2014, reports the Straits Times.

The Owner of now defunct Cuddles Cat Cafe sentenced to 2 weeks’ jail and fined $3,500

— The Straits Times (@STcom) 18 APR 2017

It turned out that the businessman gave the authorities false information about the health of “working” in a cafe of cats when applying for permission to keep animals in a cafe for their communication with visitors.

Further investigation revealed that the café owner didn’t care properly about the health of their mentees and, in particular, did his analysis on a toxoplasmosis — a disease dangerous to animals and people.

As a result, Tana demanded to immediately close the facility and remove all animals. The case was then referred to the police, which led eventually to criminal punishment for men.

The concept of cafés where visitors in order to relaxation can communicate with cats and cats of different breeds and colors, first appeared in Japan. Subsequently, these institutions began to open in South East Asia, and then worldwide.