The lack of candidates for the post of head of Omsk called “work situation”

Viktor Nazarov

The situation with the elections of the mayor of Omsk, which may be recognized as invalid due to the lack of candidates associated with the democratic character of the electoral process. This view was expressed by the head of the region Viktor Nazarov, reports on Tuesday, April 18.

“One of the candidates underestimated their capabilities, someone overestimated, the election campaign continues, this is a normal working situation. This new mechanism for the election of the mayor, who had just driven around, so that the roughness of the possible,” said Nazarov, commenting on the withdrawal of the last candidate — businessman Andrei Eroshevich, starring from the election earlier Tuesday.

Nazarov stressed that the competition Commission, which was involved in the selection of candidates for the post of mayor, will continue its work, and members of the city Council, in turn, will determine a new election date.

Deputies of Omsk city Council had to determine a new mayor during the meeting on April 19.

On the eve of refusal of participation in elections was announced by the Minister of labour and social development of the region Vladimir Kupriyanov, to motivate its decision with the condition. Initially on a post of the head of Omsk claimed 17 people.

April 17 was one of the contenders for the position of city Manager, 59-year-old Victor Cheredov, portrayed its program for the development of the city by using the encrypted characters. The document was posted on the official website of the city Council.

Powers of the operating mayor Vyacheslav Dvorakovsky expire on 11 July. Elections of 2017 will be the first year when the mayor will be elected by deputies of the city Council.