The ISS crew will try to make space yogurt

The ISS crew will try to make space yogurt

Moscow. April 19. INTERFAX.RU — members of the next expedition to the International space station (ISS), among other things, will learn to create in orbit dairy products, which can be useful for missions to other planets, told reporters commander of the backup crew of the manned transport spacecraft “Soyuz MS-04,” Sergei Ryazan.

“As for the experiments with prebiotics, several research groups are conducting such research. The benefit here is that we will be able to obtain fresh dairy products on Board”, — he said at a briefing on Wednesday.

Ryazan said that we are talking about a wide range of dairy products, production skills which can be useful in long-term flights to other planets.

“The question is not only in the creation of yogurt or milk. It is aimed at the future long-term flights to other planets, it allows to save weight when flying to other planets,” he said.