The family income of the Governor of Kursk region in 2016 by more than 700 thousand rubles.


RIA Novosti

Total family income of the Governor of Kursk region Alexander Mikhailov in 2016 fell more than 700 thousand rubles in comparison with the previous year. The relevant information is published on the official portal of the region.

“For the period from 1 January to 31 December 2016 income Mikhailov amounted to almost 2 million 830 thousand roubles. In 2015, the head of region has earned 3 million 450 thousand rubles, including revenue from the sale of the vehicle”, – stated in the message.

Mikhailov has no properties, but its use is residential home utility buildings with an area of 529,7 sq. m. At the head of the region and past year was not in the ownership of housing. Now in the ownership Mihailova is just a Toyota.

The income of the spouse of the Governor of Valentina Mikhailova over the past year amounted to about 417 thousand rubles. According to the income Declaration for the year 2015, the wife of the head of region has earned more than 520 thousand rubles. While its individual property is three parcels, the largest of them is the area of 65.7 sq. m – is assigned for agricultural purposes. The other two plot intended for individual housing construction and private farming.

In addition, the Governor’s wife owns a cottage area: 180.7 sqm, apartment, 79.1 sq. m, and owns a share in the 599 sq ft in garage / box total area 2228,9 sq. m. the same property was owned by Mikhailov in 2015.

The post of Governor of the Kursk region, Mikhailov has held since 2000.