In the Crimea began checking the units at the end of the winter training period

Photo: RIA Novosti Professional skills of the military personnel of the formations and units of the black sea fleet, 22nd army corps and the Association of defense will be evaluated during the beginning of reference checking on the results of the winter training period. About this TASS said the head of the press service of the southern military district (YUVO) Vadim Astafyev. “The field officers, sergeants and soldiers will perform the exercise test firings of small arms and weapons combat vehicles, rent standards for special tactical, special and physical training,” – said Astafyev. Training the examinee will appreciate the officers more than ten committees on grounds and training centers of the Crimea. The soldiers of the 22nd army corps and enterprises of defense, formed in the end of last year, will undergo similar tests for the first time. Evaluation during the final practice is also subject to the state of

Paige called evidence of the security services about his work in Russia a “fake”

Photo: EPA Former adviser to US President Donald trump Carter page called “absolutely false” to alleged U.S. intelligence evidence that he is a Russian agent, according to the publication the Washington Times. “The errors are so ridiculous and funny that I just have no words. It’s so wild that it’s just amazing,” the newspaper quoted the page on the evidence that he acted on behalf of Moscow. The New York Times, citing an unnamed government official said that the U.S. Department of justice received last year a secret warrant from a court to wiretap Carter Paige, a former Advisor to Donald trump on the basis of alleged evidence that he is a Russian agent. Earlier, media published an article that Paige is in the past allegedly had contacts with representatives of Russian intelligence, the events that allegedly occurred back in 2013, when trump was not going to run for President,

The defense Ministry will publish data on searches of the fallen defenders of the Fatherland

The defense Ministry will publish data on searches of the fallen defenders of the Fatherland On the Agency’s website will provide information on the fate of missing persons, as well as military graves in Russia and abroad. MOSCOW, April 19. /TASS/. The defense Ministry has opened on its website a section on perpetuating of memory of victims at protection of Fatherland, which will be devoted to establishing the fate of missing persons, as well as war graves in Russia and abroad. “Visitors will also be able to learn about the plans and results of the search expeditions of the Ministry of defense of Russia, the procedure and rules of search, identification and reburial of the remains of the bodies of the dead soldiers”, — is spoken in the Department message, received by TASS. In addition, this section will be published reports on military-memorial work of branch offices in Germany, USA,

CNN: Pentagon tests missile defense systems to intercept North Korea’s missile

CNN: Pentagon tests missile defense systems to intercept North Korea’s missile In the first test the USS will be running an advanced interceptor missile that was tested only once. NEW YORK, April 19. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. The United States military twice in may will test its missile defense system, simulating the interception of missiles launched from the DPRK. This was reported on Tuesday by CNN. According to his sources in the Pentagon, in the first test the USS will be running an advanced interceptor missile. Before that it had been tested only once. In the second case applied will launch ground-based interceptors. They are located in the States of Alaska and California. During these exercises, the us military tries to intercept a missile over the Pacific ocean. According to the source channel, only half of the trials of this system in the past was successful. The situation on the

Marine Le Pen does not want to live in the Elysee Palace if elected head of state

Marine Le Pen does not want to live in the Elysee Palace if elected head of state The leader of “National front” noted that he wanted to be with their children. PARIS, April 18. /Offset. TASS Sergey Shcherbakov/. The leader of “National front” marine Le Pen does not want to live in the Elysee Palace if elected head of state in the upcoming presidential elections. She declared it on air of TV channel TF-1. “I don’t want to live there. I have three children and I want to be with them”, — said the politician. It is noteworthy that before Sputnik marine Le Pen and Louis Alliot also said that he did not intend to move into the elysée Palace in her election. The French opposition has repeatedly criticized the attitude of the outgoing President of France, Francois Hollande, because he is “at the expense of taxpayers” lodged in the

Chinese officials explained the rules of behavior in social networks

Chinese officials should not condemn the policy of the party, to distribute pornographic materials and to multiply rumors. It is reported with reference to the account of the Central Commission of the Communist party of China (CPC) for discipline inspection in WeChat messenger newspaper the South China Morning Post. Also party functionaries are prohibited from receiving bribes electronic money, to intervene in the voting process, to share secret information, to access online shopping and post “inappropriate” messages. As specifies the edition, WeChat is very popular among the people of China: they use it as chat applications, for telephones, for sending pictures and cash payments. In addition to the recommendations, the message in the account of the Commission contained a list of the guilty and the description of the punishment that they suffered.

In the centre of Budapest desecrated the monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators

In Budapest was desecrated the monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators on the Central square Szabadsag (Freedom). On Tuesday, April 18, reports TASS with reference to the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Hungary Tigran Garibyan. “A group of activists participating in the current protests against the Hungarian authorities, there were two of them, the evening came to the monument and implementing online broadcasting in a network “Facebook” threw him two balls, filled with water with latex paint yellow. Then they sat down on the parapet of the monument and began to wait, when they are stopped by the police, what happened almost immediately,” he said. The detainees were charged with administrative offense. According to the diplomat, they appeared in court and was sentenced to a fine. Everyone should pay 30 thousand forints (about 96 euros). In late March, it was reported on the desecration of the largest in Poland burial

U.S. man shot and killed three bystanders

Three people shot in Fresno (California, USA). On Tuesday, April 18, reports local newspaper the Fresno Bee, citing the chief of the city police Jerry Dyer. According to the publication, the suspect was detained and taken into custody, the attacker was 39-year-old Corey Ali Muhammad. A man opened fire in several points of the city in four bystanders, but didn’t shoot anyone. Dyer said that the victims have all been white men. According to him, it was a “random act of violence.” The motive of the crime could be hostility on racial grounds: as writes the edition, the detainee said that he had a hatred for white people. In addition, the police chief said that before the arrest, the suspect shouted Islamist slogans, including “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is great”). However, he noted that it is too early to judge whether the incident an act of terrorism. Ali Muhammad was previously

Deputies of Leningrad region shamed for Mars and the stars in the Declaration

Vladimir Petrov In the Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region has criticized the Deputy from “United Russia” Vladimir Petrov, including the Declaration on incomes and property of land on Mars and five stars. It is reported “Kommersant” on Tuesday, April 18. “We’re not very aware of the fact of ownership of land on Mars. If publish [such information] on the website, then it will be “country of fools”. But he [Vladimir Petrov] says that he has a testimony, which, he declared,” — said the Chairman of the Commission on legislation, regulations and Deputy ethics of the regional Parliament Vadim Gustov. Deputy Sergey Konyaev suggested that Petrov should be asked to exclude from the Declaration information about these transactions. However, his colleague, lawyer Andrei Sharonov noted that included in the document information should be published. “You can’t get away” — he complained. In return, Petrov has reminded that the stars are purchased

Advised to eat less MP fined for hidden income

Ilya Gaffner The arbitration court of Sverdlovsk region was fined for concealment of income of the Deputy of regional Parliament Ilya Gaffner, which is in bankruptcy. It is reported TASS with reference to the press service of the court. The amount of the fine amounted to four thousand rubles, said the Agency representative of the court. On 27 February the Sverdlovsk regional court has deprived of Gaffney diploma about the additional education. In July last year the Deputy declared bankrupt. After that, he had to hand their Bank card administrator. In the end, the MP did two months later than it was supposed to. The Prosecutor noted that at the request of Gaffney salary he was given a hand up by the amount which must be paid debts to creditors of the Deputy, passed more than 400 thousand rubles. In early 2015 the event “United Russia” on monitoring of prices