Former US President George HW Bush hospitalized

Former US President George HW Bush hospitalized WASHINGTON, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. Former US President George HW Bush hospitalized, reported American television channel ABC News with reference to the press Secretary of the Bush. “The former President (USA — ed.) George Bush hospitalized, but “it feels normal,” — says the official Twitter account of the channel. Former President George H. W. Bush hospitalized in Houston, but he is “doing fine,” a spokesperson says. — ABC News (@ABC) April 18, 2017 The ABC also published in a Twitter statement the office of the former President. It is clarified that “President George Bush was taken to hospital Houston (Texas) on Friday for observation in connection with the ongoing cough”. It was later diagnosed that Bush the elder’s “mild case of pneumonia,” but he received proper treatment. “President Bush is in a good mood and will continue to be examined

In Canada, the beaver was taken from the pasture 150 cows

In Canada, the beaver was taken from the pasture 150 cows MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. In the South canadian river beaver took with pastures, 150 cows, reports CBC. Video of the incident published in Facebook the mistress of the herds Adrienne ivy. According to her, the beast wandered into the farm in search of lodges. His appearance caused an unusual reaction from young heifers grazing on the farm. 150 cows went after the rodent and left the ranch. Soon the owners of the farm discovered the loss and returned the cattle back. Ivy told reporters that netelusion cows, as a rule, are very curious, and that is why the beaver’s visit had resulted in a “mass Exodus”.

Prosecutor’s office of Russia and Israel signed an agreement on cooperation

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and the state Prosecutor of Israel Shai Nitzan signed in Jerusalem a Memorandum of cooperation, RIA “Novosti”. “The Memorandum defines the main directions of cooperation of the parties, in particular, protection of rights and freedoms, the fight against crime, including terrorism and extremism, illegal trafficking of weapons, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, illegal migration and human trafficking, cybercrime, corruption and other crimes pose an increased danger to society,” — said the Prosecutor’s office. It is reported that Russia and Israel came to an agreement in the sphere of extradition and legal assistance in criminal matters, including in matters of seizure, arrest, confiscation and return of assets obtained by criminal means.

Medvedev did not ask about personal

Photo: TASS The upcoming report, the Prime Minister briefly announced in a recent meeting with members of “United Russia”, and then repeated the same points and in the dialogue with Vladimir Putin on Monday. Medvedev recalled that the practice of government reports on the results of work there for nine years. “I started it, and it proved the efficiency of such dialogue with the State Duma, made the government more open and understandable to our colleagues-deputies, and therefore, for the citizens of our country”, — said the Prime Minister. During the meeting in the Kremlin on Monday, he briefed the President about the key points of the report on the activities of the government for the year 2016. Medvedev noted that this time the government comes out with good grades state of the Russian economy. The main message of the coming of the Prime Minister’s speech is that she overcame

Trump wished good luck to the Brits in the parliamentary elections

Trump wished good luck to the Brits in the parliamentary elections The US President held a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa may. The President of the United States Donald trump in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may said she and the British of luck in early elections to the Parliament, according to the White house. In a statement the White house said that the conversation of leaders was initiated by the Mae, who wanted to inform trump about the upcoming elections, RIA “Novosti”. “President trump wished the British people good luck with the election process”, — stated in the message of the White house. The British Parliament will debate the proposals Theresa may on Wednesday. Elections should be held on June 8, according to their results, should be formed the new composition of the house of Commons and the Cabinet of

US Ambassador to the UN, predicted the conflicts in North Korea, Iran and Cuba

US Ambassador to the UN, predicted the conflicts in North Korea, Iran and Cuba According to Nikki Haley, the big international crises can occur because of mass violations of human rights. UN 19 APR. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. The U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley suggests that the following major international crises may arise in North Korea, Iran and Cuba due to the mass violations of human rights. Speaking on Tuesday at the meeting of the UN Security Council, the diplomat defended the point of view according to which the widespread human rights violations are a harbinger of armed conflict. In her words, “when the state begins to systematically violate human rights, it is a sign, red flag, one of the most obvious indicators of impending instability and violence that spill across borders”. “It is not surprising that the most brutal regimes are the worst violators of human

The defense Ministry has commented on reports of intercept two Tu-95 in Alaska

The defense Ministry has commented on reports of intercept two Tu-95 in Alaska The Russian defense Ministry confirmed that American F-22 fighter jets escorted the Russian strategic bombers Tu-95 near Alaska. Intercept two Russian military planes were previously reported by FoxNews channel. The Russian defense Ministry said that talking about the events of 17 April. That day, two strategic bombers Tu-95MS airbase Ukrainka (Amur region) has successfully completed the tasks according to plan of air patrol. The flight route passed through neutral waters over the Pacific ocean along the Aleutian Islands, emphasizes the Ministry of defense. The report said that the Russian aircraft flew about 5 thousand kilometers at speeds up to 850 km/h and altitudes up to 10 thousand meters. “The flight duration was more than 7 hours. Over international waters near Alaska Tu-95MS bombers were accompanied by F-22 U.S. air force for 27 minutes”, — quotes the message

Philippine bus with passengers fell into the abyss

In the Philippine city Carranglan in the Central region of the country on a passenger bus fell into the abyss 24-meter depth. Reported by the Associated Press. Inside there were 50 people, killing at least 26. The rest pulled out by rescuers who went to the scene on the ropes. Many of the victims received serious injuries, was taken to the hospital. In the confusion, children were often separated from their parents. According to the investigators, the bus’s brakes failed. This incident was the sixth over the past few years. Experts are not yet able to interview survivors — many of them are in a state of shock and are unable to describe the circumstances of the incident.

Interpol has opened an international network of distributors of child porn

As part of the investigation in relation to groups engaged in child pornography, Interpol officers detained 38 people in the States of South and Central America and also in Spain. It is reported BFMTV. During searches, held simultaneously in 15 countries, investigators seized more than 300 computers, tablets, mobile devices, and hard drives containing images of Nude minors. The investigation was launched in the year 2016, when the guards managed to calculate several groups of users of different instant messengers, who used them for exchange and sale of child porn. Police managed to calculate both producers and consumers of these products. 31 March it was reported that the representatives of the Spanish law enforcement bodies have detained 102 members of the network who had seized more than 450 thousand files of child pornography, including scenes of violence against minors. Among those detained were students, pensioners, fathers of families, as well

Trump expressed hope for peaceful settlement of the situation on the Korean Peninsula

The President of the United States Donald trump expressed the hope that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN aimed at measuring the settlement of the situation on the Korean Peninsula. About this, the White house said in an interview with TMJ4-TV. “I hope he wants peace and we want peace, and would be the final solution. But we have to see what happens,” — said trump. However, the question whether the citizens of the United States cause for concern about the situation, he said, “we have to be Worried always. It is not clear exactly who you are dealing with. I had a great meeting with the leader of China [XI Jinping], it tells me a lot, and you see that a lot happens. They (China —“”) has enough power over the DPRK. Let’s see what will happen. This is a very difficult situation.” Also in the interview, trump said that