Mei will not participate in election TV debates

Mei will not participate in election TV debates

LONDON, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti, Maria Tobacco. Prime Minister Theresa may will not take part in TV election debates, told reporters on Tuesday the official representative of the Conservative party.

“No, she will not participate. The choice is clear between strong and stable leadership in the name of national interests, led by Theresa may, or a weak and unstable coalition government under the management of Jeremy Corbin (leader of the labour party — ed.)”, — he said.

Corbin has already responded to this announcement by writing on Twitter: “If a General election relate to leadership, as Theresa may announced this morning, it should not shy away from televised debates face to face.”

On Tuesday the British Prime Minister announced that he will urge the Parliament to support the holding of early General elections on 8 June.

As expected, the deputies will vote on the question of holding General elections on Wednesday. As expected, they will support the proposal of the Mei, since the leaders of the opposition parties have already welcomed the idea to hold early elections.