Medvedev did not ask about personal



The upcoming report, the Prime Minister briefly announced in a recent meeting with members of “United Russia”, and then repeated the same points and in the dialogue with Vladimir Putin on Monday. Medvedev recalled that the practice of government reports on the results of work there for nine years. “I started it, and it proved the efficiency of such dialogue with the State Duma, made the government more open and understandable to our colleagues-deputies, and therefore, for the citizens of our country”, — said the Prime Minister.

During the meeting in the Kremlin on Monday, he briefed the President about the key points of the report on the activities of the government for the year 2016.

Medvedev noted that this time the government comes out with good grades state of the Russian economy. The main message of the coming of the Prime Minister’s speech is that she overcame the phase of recession and moved into the growth stage. Thus, the Prime Minister in advance rejects the accusations of the opposition that in recent years the work of the economic block of the government was unsatisfactory. In the Duma about it regularly say deputies from the Communist party and “Fair Russia” (SR). In particular, the leader of the Duma faction WED Sergei Mironov said the Russian economy in recent years “economy is stagnant”. The Prime Minister, apparently, this assessment does not agree.

“Our economy has passed the stage of growth — optimistic, said Medvedev, speaking before the faction “United Russia”. — Industrial production growth amounted to 1.3%, which means that our industry is just rising”.

In addition, in a conversation with Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister assured that Russia “managed to control unemployment, as we have it is 5.5%, and in Europe as much as 10%”.

“There are,” Putin supported this remark Medvedev.

The Prime Minister promised to talk in detail about the emerging structural changes in the economy. According to him, the budget less dependent on oil revenues and two-thirds supplemented by so-called non-oil sources. The Prime Minister is going to present the data for individual sectors, where growth is “very impressive”. For example, a 24% increase in the pharmaceutical industry, already now 70% of essential medicines, according to him, produced in Russia.

In agriculture, according to Medvedev, in 2016, the growth was 5%, and that “the consolidated result of the work of the authorities, say, the last 15 years, because our agriculture has changed dramatically”. “It now feeds the entire country, it has huge export potential and it is developing due to modern investments,” he added.

After a report by MPs will ask the Prime Minister questions. In anticipation of the report of the Chairman of the state Duma for the first time the government has increased the number of questions from deputies speakers.

“The Duma Council decided to expand that opportunity and allow each faction to ask five questions instead of three as now”, — said the first Vice-speaker of the lower house of Parliament, the first Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Ivan Melnikov.

Raise any members of a recent investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny, in which opposition politician denounces Prime Minister incongruous in its position of prosperity and corruption hints at the origin of the alleged foreign ownership of Medvedev, is unknown.

Headed by the Prime Minister of the faction “United Russia” will ask about the implementation of “may decrees” of the President. Speech, in particular, developments in the fields of medicine and education, job creation, privatization and increasing productivity.

Representatives of the systemic opposition eliminate the possibility that the Prime Minister will be asked questions of a personal nature. For example, the Deputy of the Communist party Vladimir Afonin said “Газете.Ru” that his issue would be the protection of natural resources that matches the profile of its work in Parliament.

He reminded that the Communists — the only one who addressed the state Duma with the requirement to initiate a parliamentary investigation on the film of the FBC.

“The issues that will face tomorrow, concern the report of the government of the Russian Federation, Medvedev and not as individuals,” — said the Deputy. In connection with this discussion of accusations against the Prime Minister in the speech in the Duma, in his opinion, inappropriate.

“The people, first and foremost, concerned about the social and economic policy of the government, and film and themes that were raised, including a rally on March 26, should be engaged in law enforcement,” — said A. Afonin.

Ivan Melnikov did not answer the question about what it will ask the deputies of the second largest faction in the Duma, Dmitry Medvedev.

“No questions, no topics I cannot say — he said “Газете.Ru”. — At the end of the reaction to Dmitry Medvedev’s responses will Express in his speech, Gennady Zyuganov. Naturally, the questions, answers and speeches of the representative of the faction — related point”.

Answering the question “Газеты.Ru” how successful could be a dialogue of deputies with Dmitry Medvedev, Melnikov said that it depends on “how serious is the situation that worries voters perceived the government what it proposes measures to address these acute issues.”

According to Sergey Mironov, deputies ‘ questions MS will address social themes. For example, he expects Dmitry Medvedev answering the question about the program overhaul.

“I believe that the rebuild failed, he said. And I also want to get answers from the heads of relevant agencies that the program failed”.

Questions about the investigation of the FBC from the CP also should not wait. They, like the Communists, believe that it is not a topic for discussion in the state Duma.

Questions from the liberal democratic party “Газете.Ru” the Deputy Igor Lebedev. According to him, the Prime Minister will ask the protest of the truckers and the “Plato,” the fate of sports facilities that were built for the Olympics and built to the world Cup, about private medicine and health insurance, as well as about Russia’s actions in Syria.

“We are there for a long time, and gaining political points the U.S., causing one missile strike. We promised that there will be one entry and we’ll go and sit there for a few months that is worth the money of our taxpayers,” he said.

However, the specific list of issues the faction is not presented, therefore they have the possibility to deviate from the plan.

At the conclusion of the report of the head of the government’s planned 10-minute speech of the representatives of factions and Dmitry Medvedev.