In the centre of Budapest desecrated the monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators

In Budapest was desecrated the monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators on the Central square Szabadsag (Freedom). On Tuesday, April 18, reports TASS with reference to the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Hungary Tigran Garibyan.

“A group of activists participating in the current protests against the Hungarian authorities, there were two of them, the evening came to the monument and implementing online broadcasting in a network “Facebook” threw him two balls, filled with water with latex paint yellow. Then they sat down on the parapet of the monument and began to wait, when they are stopped by the police, what happened almost immediately,” he said.

The detainees were charged with administrative offense. According to the diplomat, they appeared in court and was sentenced to a fine. Everyone should pay 30 thousand forints (about 96 euros).

In late March, it was reported on the desecration of the largest in Poland burial of the Soviet soldiers. On the Central military cemetery of soldiers of the red army on the street Zwirki and Wigury in Warsaw was an act of vandalism: on the steps near the sculpture group and the plates that are around the perimeter of the Central obelisk unknown put black paint 15 the images of the swastika, as well as the footprints of red on the background of the national flag of Israel.