Found five crew members sank in the Black sea dry cargo ship

Found five crew members sank in the Black sea dry cargo ship

It is reported that on Board were nine citizens of Russia.

Moscow. April 19. INTERFAX.RU — Members of search and rescue operations in the Black sea established location of five of the 12 members of the crew of the distressed freighter, the ship itself, according to preliminary data, sank, reported “Interfax” a source in the international marine services search.

“From the water on Board the rescue ship alive raised a member of the crew. From the air, in the waters of the installed location of the four crew members. The fate of the seven remains unknown,” the source said. It is reported that the detected air-sailors move rescuers, but while it is impossible to determine their condition.

The surviving sailor was found in a state of severe hypothermia

In addition, in the waters discovered lifeboat, where previously the sailors were evacuated from the vessel. “It’s upside-down. The people around there.”

In total, according to preliminary data, on Board were 12 people, among them two Ukrainians, one citizen of Georgia and nine of the Russians.

It is reported that the ship completely disappeared under water.