Climbers of Russia are in the death zone of mount Everest to kapsulirovat frozen in the ice

Climbers of Russia are in the death zone of mount Everest to kapsulirovat frozen in the ice

In a unique expedition depart 18 April, the Russian climbers. They intend to kapsulirovat in the “death zone” of Everest fatalities there over the years. In the history of conquest on the slopes of the highest mountain killed more than 280 people.

Climbers will undergo surgery on the altitude of 8 thousand meters, in extremely difficult conditions. However, the brave men that don’t stop.

The TV channel “Russia 24” Oleg Savchenko said that the climbers conquering Everest, often have to literally step over the dead, and some, as it may sound cynical to drop off a cliff. Because it is a matter of life and death for those who make the ascent.

For example, Savchenko told about the famous among climbers on Everest “landmark” green boots, after which “it is necessary to turn to the right”. This shoes that were shod frozen in the ice the greatest mountaineer of India.

Another victim here the climber is completely naked, lying frozen in the ice for 90 years. Savchenko explains that at such a great height (almost like the one where you fly some planes) begins a terrifying mountain sickness, due to lack of oxygen in people may experience inadequate response. For example, in extreme cold it may seem, it is very hot and the man begins to undress. Perhaps it happened with the dead naked climber.

Oleg Savchenko said that their goal is to pay tribute to the fallen heroes, conquerors of Everest from different countries which lay abandoned on the slopes of this great mountain.

He says that the members of the expedition take with me on climbing a few tons of cargo. First of all, this oxygen, as well as axes and cloth, which will cover the bodies of the dead in the “death zone” of climbers. This is the encapsulation. This method was chosen due to the fact that cut out of the ice and pull down a body, there is no possibility, and to cover them with fabric (kapsulirovat) is the only possible way. Especially that among the victims were people from different countries and religions, and how (what customs) to bury them, in many cases, unknown.

Savchenko said that in this difficult expedition — the first time in the history of Everest — with the goal of going professional climbers. Among them, for example, is the legendary man — Alexander Abramov, which is 7 times conquered Everest.

Of course, the Russians will go and Sherpas are the guides, without whom this unique operation would be impossible. Oleg Savchenko said that, since for them, Everest is a sacred mountain, they like no other understand the importance of the upcoming expedition.

In addition, this “special operation” of the Russian team hopes to attract the attention of climbers from other countries to the existing problem. Because of the mountain unite all, regardless of political views and religion.

On the question of what the most important thing in the mountains, Savchenko replied: “It’s oxygen, without which at this altitude there is life.” But the most important factors that allow you to conquer the peaks, it is the will and goal-setting. In other words, says Savchenko is the question: “Why are you doing this?”.