A month before the death of Hitler in absentia brought accusations of war crimes

Adolf Hitler

The United Nations Commission for war crimes in March 1945 brought correspondence accusations Fuhrer of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler. According to The Independent, this is the conclusion made by the author of the book Human Rights After Hitler (“human Rights after Hitler”) is a British academic Dan Plesch. The Commission, which appeared in 1943, by order of the governments of the coalition, was to collect evidence of Nazi war crimes.

The charges were filed based on the document from 1944, in which the Czechoslovak government in exile declared that Hitler and his closest associates — the Deputy of the Fuehrer in the Nazi party Rudolf Hess and the reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler — were responsible for criminal acts.

In addition, Plesch, referring to the legally confirmed documents and records of conversations with victims of torture, says that the US and UK knew about the existence of death camps in the first years of the Second world war, however, “practically did nothing to stop mass murder.”

In the work of British academician noted that the countries of anti-Hitler coalition became aware of the scale of the Holocaust for two and a half years earlier than commonly believed, but did almost nothing until the end of the war, when they liberated prisoners of concentration camps.

The Holocaust — the mass persecution and extermination of Jews in Nazi Germany and occupied territories. The number of victims is estimated at six million.

Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945, Himmler on 23 may of the same year. Hess at the Nuremberg trials was sentenced to life imprisonment and died in 1987.