Tomsk teacher reprimanded for lecture leading to hell liberalism

Vitaly Khovanskii

Lecturer at Tomsk Russian classical gymnasium No. 2, which gave students a lecture about the dangers of liberalism after the meetings on 26 March, received a disciplinary sanction. About it reports “Interfax”.

“It is established that the management of the school created a Commission for inspection of educational work of the teacher”, — reported in Prosecutor’s office the Soviet district of the city.

They added that “for violation of official instructions, the failure of the lesson, violations of professional ethics, misconduct of teachers against students by the head teacher subject to a disciplinary penalty in the form of comments.”

The Prosecutor’s office did not take any further steps against him.

In March there was a video of the lesson, which was led by a teacher of history and life safety Vitaly Khovansky. He told the students about the dangers of liberalism, which “leads mankind to hell.” In particular, he argued that the liberals under the guise of pluralism and freedom contribute to the degradation of the human species, and stated that “liberalism and fascism — two of a kind”.

Video: Broadcaster TV2 / YouTube

Another teacher Tomsk Nikolay Pechkurov, who works at the Department of General and experimental physics of Tomsk state University, called the students “a freak” for participation in anti-corruption rally on March 26. According to him, which leads TV2, stealing everywhere, and we should treat it quieter.

March 26, in a number of regions of Russia held rallies against corruption. For example, in Tomsk the action was attended by up to a thousand people, reports “”. In some cities, particularly in Moscow, these protests were not sanctioned by the authorities. It was reported on mass arrests of their members.

According to the law “On education”, the teaching staff never use educational activities to political agitation, coercion of students to take political, religious or other beliefs or rejection of them.