Thousands of opponents of amending the Constitution took to the streets of Istanbul

On the streets of Istanbul late on Monday evening, April 17, left thousands of opponents of the constitutional amendments broadening the powers of the President. It is reported by Yahoo! News.

At least a thousand protesters gathered on the European side of the city in the district of beşiktaş, another two thousand — on the Asian side, in Kadikoy.

Supporters of the position “No” on last Sunday the referendum on constitutional amendments are outraged by recent changes in the voting process.

The protesters walked to the building of the Supreme electoral Council with the slogan “We are shoulder to shoulder against fascism”, “a”No” won.” In the houses located along the route of the protesters, residents exposed from the Windows, pots and pans to show solidarity.

The police usually do not suppress the protests, but cautioned against using too harsh slogans.

In other Turkish cities also held protests. In Antalya, was detained 13 people.

According to preliminary results, the amendment was voted 51,41% of citizens of Turkey. In Istanbul against the constitutional changes voted 51,35 percent. The final results will be announced in 11-12 days after appeals. The opposition alleged violations — in particular, criticized the decision of the electoral Commission to count valid ballots and envelopes without stamps.