The latest candidate for mayor of Omsk recused himself

Andrew Eroshevich

Entrepreneur Andrew Eroshevich selected by the Commission for the final stage of the contest for mayor of Omsk, has decided to withdraw his candidacy from the ballot. This was reported on the website of the Omsk city Council on Tuesday, April 18.

As noted, on April 19 deputies of the city Council meeting to consider the issue “On election of the mayor of Omsk”. Elections can be recognized invalid due to the lack of candidates for the position of mayor.

On the eve of refusal from participation in election to city Council was announced by the Minister of labour and social development of the region Vladimir Kupriyanov, to motivate its decision with the condition.

The selection of candidates for the post of mayor was engaged in a special competition Commission. According to the results of its work to the elective procedure was allowed only two of 16 applicants — Kupriyanov and Eroshevich. Their candidates planned to submit deputies of Omsk city Council for a final vote on April 19.

By law, a new election campaign could start within 20 days, said

Powers of the operating mayor Vyacheslav Dvorakovsky expire on 11 July. Elections of 2017 will be the first year when the mayor will be elected by deputies of the city Council.