The journalist showed all allowed in the DPRK hairstyles

The journalist showed all allowed in the DPRK hairstyles

MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. Finnish journalist Mika Makelainen photographed and published on Twitter, posters are allowed in the DPRK styles hairstyles.

Makelainen claims that North Korea hairdressing available for 15 variants female and male images. In addition, the list of services is completely no hair coloring.

Equality in North Korea: Both sexes have 15 approved haircut models. You can forget about dyeing your hair though. #ylemaailmalla #pyongyang

— Mika Mäkeläinen (@Mikareport) 16 APR 2017

The journalist also notes that during a trip to Pyongyang, he himself decided to change the image. He asked me to make him most popular with local residents haircut, and, to his surprise, the hair style of North Korean leader Kim Jong UN was not the most popular.

North Korean men can choose between 15 approved haircut styles. I had the most popular one – and it’s not like Kim Jong Un. #ylemaailmalla

— Mika Mäkeläinen (@Mikareport) 14 APR 2017

In 2015, the media reported that students in North Korea are forced to wear the same hair style that the head of the country. The girls requested a haircut like the wife of the leader, singer Lee Sol-Ju.