The DPRK has vowed to continue missile tests

Continued: the United States expressed the desire to peacefully solve the DPRK nuclear issue

North Korea will continue missile tests, despite international condemnation and the increased military tension with the United States. About it in interview of BBC News was announced by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Korea Han song-Ryul.

“We will conduct missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis,” said a North Korean official. He also warned about the possibility of full-scale war if the USA would be so “reckless to use military means” against Pyongyang.

Previously, on 17 April, the permanent representative of the DPRK to the UN Kim In Ryong said that the United States created in the region a dangerous situation, “in which nuclear war could start at any moment.”

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow will not accept “nuclear adventurous actions” of Pyongyang, but stressed that the responses of individual countries should not violate international law. “So I really hope that unilateral actions like those we’ve seen recently in Syria, will not” — said Lavrov.

The words of the head of the Russian foreign Ministry responded to the statement by the Vice-President of the USA of Michael Pence and acting President of the Republic of Korea Hwang Kyo-Ahn, who promised Pyongyang “punitive measures” in the case of new provocations. Pence said that in the case of using the DPRK’s conventional or nuclear weapons response, the United States and South Korea is “overwhelming and effective.”

A day earlier it was reported that North Korea made another attempt to test the new missile. The South Korean military announced that the launch was made from the landfill near the town of yuktae-Dong in the province of hamkyung province on the West, North and failed.