The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Vladimir region has made 20 thousand roubles

Julia Zhiryakova

The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Vladimir region Julia Zhiryakova declared the income for last year in the amount of 21 thousand rubles. Information about the income of regional parliamentarians published on the website of the legislative Assembly.

Husband of Sirakovo, according to the Declaration, has earned last year more than 500 thousand rubles. The couple own shares in the apartment of 32 square meters.

As noted on the website of the legislative Assembly, 27-year-old Deputy working as a history teacher in a regional Ceratinly school named after V. A. Soloukhin. In regional Parliament the fraction “United Russia”.

The greatest income at the end of 2016 was declared by the Deputy from the Communist party Nina Kaznin more than 97 million rubles. In particular, she owns three cars, including Mercedes-Benz, 16 land plots and 17 residential premises. 70-year-old Kaznina is the regional Director of a trading complex “the Tandem”.

A day earlier it was reported that the leader in revenue in the legislative Assembly of Kamchatskiy Krai became the Deputy from “United Russia” Igor evtushok. Last year he earned 1 billion 898 million rubles.

The largest income among the state Duma deputies showed United Russia Andrey Palkin, who has earned for 2016, more than 678 million rubles. In March the court has imposed on it the procedure of debt restructuring.