The court arrested the alleged organizer of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg

The court arrested the alleged organizer of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg

Tagansky court of Moscow has sent into custody for a month and a half Abror Azimov, whom the investigation considers involved in the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg. Azimov said that helped the terrorists, but were not aware of their plans.

Accused of involvement in the terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg Abror Azimov was arrested 1 month and 16 days. This decision was made by the judge of the Basmanny court of Artur Karpov Moscow, the correspondent of RBC from the courtroom.

Arrest Asimov petitioned the investigator Andrey Zhigulin. At the meeting he said that on 17 April Azimov was detained on suspicion of organizing a terrorist act and arms trafficking and “confirmed his participation in the preparation of the explosion”. During the arrest, he seized a pistol, four bullets, several mobile phones and SIM cards. The need to conclude Asimov into custody he justified the fact that he can “communicate with accomplices, who are currently not installed”.

“The arrest I agree. Because I recognized my involvement in the preparation of the explosion, I do not agree, — said Azimov. — My participation there, but indirect. I didn’t realize that I was helping the attack. I gave the command, and I fulfilled it”. To clarify, what he did, he interrupted the judge and the investigator. “We’re not interrogating you now,” interrupted Karpov.

The explosion in the subway of Saint Petersburg

Asimov was born in Jalal-Abad, refused citizenship of Kyrgyzstan, received a Russian passport and the last time I lived in Forest Town Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. He only completed seven grades of school; official working at the time of arrest was not. Asimov’s married, has a two year old child.

According to the FSB, Asimov “has carried out training of the suicide bomber” About Jalilova, 3 APR detonated a bomb on the stretch between the stations “Sennaya square” and “Institute of Technology”. The victims were 15 people, more than 60 injured.