The cottager of Old Pobedilovo stopped the thief with an axe and a sword

In the Kazan village of Staroye Pobedilovo suddenly came the woman disarmed the thief, who tried to fend off her decorative sword and an axe. This was reported on the website of the MIA for the Republic of Tatarstan.

The incident occurred on the evening of 17 April. When the attacker was going to leave residential trailer, taking discovered there tools, a laptop and a decorative sword, the plot came to the hostess. The woman tried to stop the thief, however, he began to threaten her with the axe and sword.

“The woman was not afraid to give the attacker the resistance. In the course of the scuffle the owner managed to snatch from the hands of the attacker the laptop, the axe and the sword, then he had to hastily retreat”, — stated in the message of Ministry of internal Affairs.

The victim immediately called the police. An hour later, the suspect was arrested, they found 33-year-old previously convicted resident of Kazan. When he was stolen from a garden plot construction of the gun and a compass.

Criminal case about robbery.

In may 2016 in the Kaliningrad police detained a man had lunch in the robbed apartment. The attacker eating dinner discovered awakened the owner of housing. Noticing the woman, he jumped out the window and tried to escape, but was arrested because the victim immediately called the police.