The author of the novel about Vitaly Kaloeva told the story of its creation

Vitaly Kaloyev

In Moscow hosted a presentation of the documentary novel “Crash” about Vitaly Kaloyev — the vigilante who killed the air traffic controller that he was found guilty in the crash of the flight with his family on Board. It is reported by TASS on Tuesday, April 18.

“The story touched me, it was a lot of unknown facts. When Kaloyev was released, I went to friends from Hollywood, asked him to find. They wanted to buy all rights to the story Kaloeva for 10 thousand dollars”, — said the author of the book Kseniya Kaspari.

According to her, she wrote a lot about the plane crash above lake Constance, as a journalist. To write a book Kseniya Kaspari decided after he met personally with Kaloevym.

The author of the novel has also shared his impressions about filmed in the Hollywood film “Consequences”, dedicated to the history of the vigilante. “The image created there has nothing to do with Vitali by Kaloevym,” said Kaspari and added that in the near future will begin shooting the Russian film about him.

Kaloev lost his wife and two children in the plane crash of 2002 above lake Constance. The two aircraft collided because of an error of air traffic controller Peter Nielsen. In total, the incident killed 71 people. After 478 days Kaloyev found him and killed him. In 2005, he was sentenced to eight years in prison in Switzerland. Two years later, he was released early for good behavior.