Svetlana Nemolyaeva celebrates its anniversary on the stage of the Mayakovsky Theater

Svetlana Nemolyaeva celebrates its anniversary on the stage of the Mayakovsky Theater

The actress will play the role in the premiere performance of the play by Alexander Ostrovsky’s “Mad money”.

MOSCOW, April 18. /Offset. TASS Olga Svistunova/. People’s artist of RSFSR Svetlana Nemolyaeva celebrates its anniversary on the stage in his native Moscow academic theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky, where he served as past 57 years. The birthday girl will play one of the roles in a premiere on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky’s “Mad money”, which was specially delivered to her anniversary.

“I am grateful that I had such a wonderful benefit,” said Nemolyaeva, accepting congratulations TASS. “The theater took care of all of me and after the performance also makes a Banquet in my honor,” added the actress.

As for age, she never hides. “80 years is incredible,” exclaims Svetlana.

But I’m not stuck on numbers, not crying about it, it’s not in my nature. I think about something else. Actors my age get little gifts from the theater, and I got it — the play as a gift, it is an expensive sweetsvetlana Nemolyaeva

Performance — the gift

According to Nemolyaeva, the choice of the play belongs to the artistic Director of “Mayakovka” Mindaugas Karbauskis.

“I appreciate Mindaugas. He is a talented, interesting, educated man. As a Director he is an adherent of the Russian classics, able to reveal the author”, — said the artist, Recalling that plays in several performances Karbauskis and does it with great pleasure.

But this time, she met even more young Director Anatoliy Suleym. “It, we recommend the artistic Director of the Vakhtangov Theatre Rimas Tuminas, in whose Studio in the Shchukin school, he studied Anatoly Sulev, explained Nemolyaeva. — So, last season Anatoly Sulev put us on the Small stage the play “I was in the house waiting for…” at the end Lagers and now for the Main stage did the “Mad money” Ostrovsky”.

On working with Director Nemolyaeva responds with enthusiasm.

Sulev managed to create a wonderful atmosphere at rehearsals. We really did, made the play and not out, which often happens in tetraciclina Nemolyaeva

Didn’t she and another gift from the theatre. Her partner, specifically her daughter on the play, was a native granddaughter — actress of the Mayakovsky Theatre Polina Lazareva. “We’ve played daughter and mother in “Talents and admirers”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

“Now my objective was to different to play mother, not to repeat. The most touching is that the roles, Anatoly Sulev were not even aware that Polina kin,” smiled Nemolyaeva. “It is a pity that Pauline will not see grandpa. I mean her husband, the famous actor Alexander Lazarev, who was not six years ago,” said Svetlana.

Office romance

“We lived together 51 years and 4 months,” says Nemolyaeva. And more she did not need to utter any words. Their Union really was unique.

They appeared almost simultaneously in the Mayakovsky theater, where between them almost instantly there arose the “office romance”, which ended legal marriage.

More than half a century working in the theatre, they lived without gossip and public scandals, refuting the popular stereotype about the precariousness of acting families.

They have grown a talented son, the actor “Lenkoma” Alexander Lazarev, Jr., who on April 27 will be 50 years old.

“My son — a replica of his father, is inspired by Svetlana. He’s a very moral, loyal, the same vulnerabilities, the same man. He has the same human dignity, as the Pope. And grandchildren I have a wonderful”.

Nemolyaeva glad granddaughter Pauline continued the family tradition also became an actress. And works in the Mayakovsky theatre, where today will play in the play in honor of the anniversary of his grandmother.

All life — theater

“Theatre is my happiness, my rear, my castle” — says the actress. It is clear that in this case we are not talking about the theatre in General, but about very specific troupe of the Mayakovsky theatre. Here Nemolyaeva came in 1959, immediately after finishing the Schepkin school, and stayed forever.

First played a touching Ophelia in Shakespeare’s “hamlet,” which put the then Director of the legendary Nikolai Okhlopkov. Then Mayakovka headed by a powerful Director Andrey Goncharov. In his productions Nemolyaeva has created a whole gallery of different characters, but the best role to this day holds a thin, ethereal Blanche Dubois from “Streetcar named Desire by Tennessee Williams.

I used to be called “water theatre of Mayakovsky”: so many my heroine was crying on scenesteen Nemolyaeva

The next artistic Director Mayakovka was Sergey Artsibashev, who opened in it the gift characteristic, often openly comedic actress. She’s brilliant in the role of matchmaker in Gogol’s “Marriage”, good in “Dead souls”, which plays at once two roles — Boxes and Just nice ladies. She undoubtedly managed and the role of gorodnichii Anna Andreyevna in the “inspector”, but this show is no longer on the repertoire.

Now in mayakivka the Director Mindaugas Karbauskis, however, and he immediately “laid eyes” on Svetlana Nemolyaeva, taking a wonderful actress in her very first performance in “Talents and admirers” by Ostrovsky.

This is one of my favorite playwrights. I graduated from the Schepkin drama school at the Maly theatre, which is rightly called the House Ostrowskiana Nemolyaeva

Today her repertoire includes six performances. In a word, “theatrical novel” hero of the day continues successfully.

About the movie

But, it would seem, the destiny she was meant to be “light” on the screen. Nemolyaeva, so to speak, “originally from the movie”. Her father was a famous movie Director, mom is a sound technician. They removed my daughter from childhood.

“Nine years, — said Svetlana. The mother then worked with Konstantin Yudin on the movie “Twins”, and there’s the plot needed two girls my age. My mom brought me, and Yudin immediately took: “Oh, what a lovely girl,” just said. I was plump with a round face, blond”.

But, of course, is not this role made Nemolyaeva popular actress.

For the movie she was “discovered” by Eldar Ryazanov, who directed her in 1977 in “the Service novel”, in which Nemolyaeva played the role of a sentimental and vulnerable Olya Ryzhova, for many years stored in the heart of student love.

This same Director she soon created another memorable audience tragicomic image of the wife Guskov in the film “Garage”.

And then at the same Ryazanov starred in the films “About the poor hussar say a word” and “Heavens promised”. Among the other films with Nemolyaeva — “brief encounters”, “the Portrait with a rain”, “Invasion”, “On main street with an orchestra” “Bitterly!”, “Balzac age, or All men are bast…”, “Artist”, and this list can still go on.

She to this day does not leave a film.

Series, it is necessary to justify the position. But such as it was Ryazanov, there is not BODYSGALLEN Nemolyaeva

For his career in the national actress of RSFSR Svetlana Nemolyaeva award-winning. She is the laureate of Russian national theatre award “Golden mask” and the audience award “stars of the theatre”, was awarded the order of Merit, is a knight of the order “For merits before Fatherland” of the fourth and third degrees.