Nobel laureates criticized the pre-election program of Le Pen

Nobel laureates criticized the pre-election program of Le Pen

PARIS, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti, Victoria Ivanova. Twenty-five Nobel prize laureates in Economics from the pages of the newspaper Monde condemned the program of the candidate in presidents of France and leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen.

In an open letter, the scientists note that some of them quoted the presidential candidates of France, in particular marine Le Pen and her team, to give weight to your programmes on European issues. Scientists stress that, despite the fact that they have different views on complicated issues — such as monetary Union or policy incentives, they are unanimous that it is impossible to exploit their names in the electoral campaign.

In his letter to prominent economists list specifically what provisions of the election programs they don’t agree, not specifically naming any of the candidates. However, to criticize the postulates is easy to discern the main election pledges of marine Le Pen which, if elected, is going to withdraw France from the NATO military command, to restore the national borders and leaving the Schengen area and the EU, and to expel migrants. The election program of Le Pen containing 144 points, was published in February.

Nobel prize winners underscore that the European structures “provide a Foundation not only to maintain peace on the continent, but also for economic progress of member States and their political power in the world.”

“The changes proposed in the anti-European programmes, destabilisateur France and will jeopardize cooperation between the European countries that serves today’s economic and political stability in Europe,” — noted the authors of the letter.

They believe that the policy of isolationism and protectionism, and competitive devaluations are dangerous ways to achieve economic growth as they lead to retaliation and trade wars.

Also Nobel laureates believe that migrants, if they are well integrated into the labour market can serve as economic opportunities in the host countries. “Many of the most prosperous countries in the world have adopted and integrated in the environment of immigrants,” the letter reads.

Their signatures under the reference set of 25 scientists. Among them is Joseph Stiglitz (2001), Edmund Phelps (2005), Lars Peter Hansen (2013), Jean Tyrol (2014) and others.

Election of the President of France will be held in two rounds — on April 23 and may 7.

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